Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 12/15 Episode
From: joe@zitt (Joe Zitt)
Date: 1990-12-23, 11:46
Newsgroups: (Viktor Haag) writes:

> > Someone pointed out that "Andrew" may have been the 'angel' that saved
> > Catherine.  This may be true to a point, but what if Wyndham Earle is
> > in disguise as Andrew?  I believe that Wydham's disappearance was
> > just before Catherine's was it not?  Food for paranoia?

The whole Windom==Andrew idea doesn't wash for me. I get the feeling that 
Catherine and Andrew were extremely close. I find it hard to believe that 
someone could successfully impersonate a person that another had known 
very well for 40+ years, even if he were a master of disguise. Close 
siblings often have an entire vocabulary of gestures and in-joke 
references that the impostor would have had to study for a long time. 
If Windom had tried to pass himself off as Andrew after the "accident", 
even faking memory loss, I doubt that Catherine would be unshrewd enough 
to trust someone who would seem not to have it together.

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