Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Jennifer Lynch directs movie w/Maddona
From: (Michael Kaye)
Date: 1990-12-25, 08:58

(Jennifer Lynch wrote the Secret Diary of Laura Palmer)
I saw this article posted in the movie group by Ron Buckmire.
I had to read it twice to make sure it wasn't a joke.  I saw
it on the news so I know it's not a fake.

According to the Friday December 7, 1990 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY,

"Boxed Lynch

All the vogueing in the world won't help Madonna with her next role,
which calls for the ambitious blond to play a limbless woman who lives
in a box.  The movie, BOXING HELENA, marks the directorial debut of 
Jennifer Lynch, 22-year-old daughter of TWIN PEAKS cocreator David 
Lynch.  While her father's movies explore the twisted underpinnings
of superficial normality, Jennifer's will embrace a straight-on weird
tale.  'It's an unfortunate modern day love story about obsession and 
self-deprivation,' she says.  'But it will be done with tact and taste.'
Lynch wrote the full-length feature at age 19.

And Madonna?  (She plays opposite SWEET DREAM's Ed Harris.)  'Honestly,'
Lunch says, 'I'm incredibly surprised with her.  It wasn't my idea to have
her [it was a joint decision with the producer], and I battled it, but
now I believe she's 100 percent appropriate.  People will consider 
Madonna an actress after this.'  When the film is finished early next
year, Lynch plans to marry her boyfriend of two and a half years, drum
technician and stage manager Donald Telles, with whom she already shares
an L.A. home just three minutes from her father's.  'The wedding is as
soon as I've recuperated from filming,' she says.

--Casey Davidson"

Michael Kaye   "Twin Peaks pre-empted AGAIN??? noooOOoO"