Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Explain this: How did Laura get that diary page to Mrs. Tremond, huh? Impossible!
From: (Jym Dyer)
Date: 1990-12-25, 00:01

> > It says in the published diary, right there in black-and-white
> > in Laura's last entry, that she was giving it to Harold Smith to
> > prevent BOB from getting at it any longer.
__  And there's no date on that entry.  And pages right before
_   that entry are ripped out.  The page sent to Mrs. Tremond
    may well have been the one ripped out (by Harold) before
    that last entry.  That last entry could have been written
    later in the day, after the "entry on the day Laura died"
    was written on the previous page.

> > Lynch has announced that [the diary] is, indeed, canon, and
> > besides, his daughter wrote it in collaboration with him.
__  I accept it as canon.  I should point out, though that he gave
_   his daughter free reign in writing it.  In other words, he
    gave her a lot of input into the show, and events in the show
    have followed her lead.  Lynch is into synergistic sources of

> > Then, how about Dr. Jacoby?  Off in Hawaii with his wife --
> > lotta good that does *us*.  (Hawaii-Five-Oh, anyone? ;)
__  If you want a show that caters to short attention spans,
_   watch a sitcom or something.