Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The Dance Music
From: joe@zitt (Joe Zitt)
Date: 1990-12-26, 17:55

A group of us spent much of Saturday night in a TwinPeakathon. Armed with 
lotsa cherry pies and damn good coffee, we watched the pilot and first 8 

A few things struck me:

1) The stuff I watch TP for (aka The Weird Stuff) takes up maybe 10% of 
the show. The rest is soap, and goofs on soap.

2) At several points (such as at the party welcoming the Icelanders) 
events are interrupted by sudden old dance music that precipitates The 
Leland Shuffle. However, noone is seen starting the music, and noone 
seems surprised that the music has started up all by itself. Who started 
the music? A DJ? The party band? (If so, I think Ben woulda immediately 
fired them.) An owl landing on the stereo?

3) The show >does< hold together quite well seen in this compressed 
format. It evolves much as (as some have called it) a video novel would, 
with surprisingly few (though not zero) glitches.

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