Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks fan club: The Twin Peaks Gazette
From: (Synth F. Oberheim)
Date: 1990-12-26, 07:00


I just got a Christmas card in the mail "from the folks at TWIN PEAKS" along
with Issue #1 (December 1990) of the _Twin Peaks Gazette_.  The following 
is taken from the front page of the _Gazette_:

To become a resident of Twin Peaks, call 1-800-626-TWIN .... You will receive:
- 12 issues of _The Gazette_ delivered every month
- The address of your own home in Twin Peaks
- A Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department coffee mug for that damn good cup of 

... and this is on the back:

"From deep space to your doorstep.  It's time to deliver the message.  You will
receive 12 monthly issues beginning January 1991, PLUS _two free gifts_ for
becoming a subscriber: a Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department Coffee Mug _and_ your
own address in Twin Peaks, all for only $29.95."

An address is also listed:

The Twin Peaks Gazette  P.O. Box 53563  Boulder, CO 80322


It's hot and humid with,

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