Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: How many episodes?
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-12-28, 22:26

In article , (Christer Lindh) writes...

} How many episodes have been shown in the States now?

The most recent one was Episode #18 (not including the pilot) or #2011.

} How many more to come in season 2?


} We just saw 1007 here in Sweden, and the announcer said there are 22
} more episodes coming up, starting in January.  Is this including the
} third season or does 2nd really have that many? 

[Long and pedantic description of US TV scheduling begins...]

These days, each season of US TV is divided into three segments (also
confusingly called "seasons"). The "First Season" starts in the Fall,
and if a show that starts then runs the full year, it generally ends up
with 20-25 episodes for that year. The "Second Season" starts after the
Christmas/New Year holidays, and offers replacements for those shows
from the Fall season that flopped. Shows that start at this point and
run until the end of the scheduling year end up with about 13 episodes
for the year. The "Third Season" starts around April, and is generally
considered as a "tryout" for shows that the networks aren't sure about.
The usual length for the spring tryout shows is six episodes.

TWIN PEAKS is such a show, and so the first season of TP only run for
nine hours worth. When it was renewed for the Fall, it was at first given
a run of 13 more episodes, with the network to decide before those 13
had finished production whether or not to extend the show for the full
year. They have done this, so the show should run a full 22 episodes
for its second year.

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