Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Comments about Mac Sounds
From: (Viet Ho)
Date: 1990-12-29, 10:26

I have the Twin Peaks theme music sampled in ))STEREO(( at 14K
per/sec per channel in 8SVX Amiga IFF RAW.  If there's an interest 
I can ftp it to the nearest site that will take a 7MB file
(that's how big it is).   There's IFF->Sun Sparc Audio and
Macintosh Sound files floating around so you can convert.
  I play the thing off my harddrive in realtime in the
background while I'm working -- one of the nice things about
Amiga's DMA driven audio hardware., I don't have my
own CD player 8-(

Hopefully, I can get some of Julie Cruise's stuff if I can find it
at the local music store.
Please Email--I can't keep up with this group.