Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 2nd season Peakathon
From: (Chris'n'Vickie of Chicago)
Date: 1990-12-30, 06:33

Dan quotes Joe:

>> >>   3) The show >does< hold together quite well seen in this compressed 
>> >>   format. It evolves much as (as some have called it) a video novel would, >>   with surprisingly few (though not zero) glitches.

> > I agree wholeheartedly.  Even with the continuity lapses and all,
> > watching episodes one after the other is very rewarding.

Amen to that! I've hosted 3 first season marathons and early this morning
finished my first second season marathon. I'd seen ALL these episodes
when they first aired but watching them together in one day is an
amazing experience. It really IS like seeing a very long Major Motion
Picture. A friend who'd seen the entire first season but none of the
second was over and he only made it through 2004 before he had to leave.
I didn't feel like stopping so I watched the next 6 episodes by myself.
Just incredible! Very time-comsuming but fascinating. It made me appreciate
the 2nd season even more than I already did (though it still isn't as good
as the 1st) and I noticed things that make more sense to me now. Complaints
that Lynch/Frost introduce things then forget about them don't hold up
when viewing the episodes in one sitting. I wondered about the chess game
with WE and why we'd never seen the game started. But....ah ha....I'd 
forgotten about the chess move that Cooper received in a note a few weeks
earlier. It may take weeks in real time to "explain" things, but they
eventually get taken care of. I have no doubts that all of my questions
will get answered at some point in time. I just have to be patient.

"It's not the destination, it's the journey"  Paraphrasing Whoever-It-Was