Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: The Dance Music
From: joe@zitt (Joe Zitt)
Date: 1990-12-30, 01:19
Newsgroups: (Dan Parmenter) writes:

>> > >   2) At several points (such as at the party welcoming the Icelanders) 
>> > >   events are interrupted by sudden old dance music that precipitates The 
>> > >   Leland Shuffle. However, noone is seen starting the music, and noone 
>> > >   seems surprised that the music has started up all by itself. Who started 
>> > >   the music? A DJ? The party band? (If so, I think Ben woulda immediately 
>> > >   fired them.) An owl landing on the stereo?
> > 
> > What difference does it make?  Maybe Angelo Badalamenti was present.
> > There's no point wondering what the source of that music is.  How come
> > when Maddy, James and Donna were singing we heard bass and drums?  No
> > one was playing them. They were just there.  You might as well ask
> > why one can't see the musicians who play background music in musical
> > comedies.  You say you like the "weird elements" in TP, but you then
> > seem bothered by the fact that no one at the party seems surprised
> > when music starts up out of nowhere.  Isn't that a "weird element"?
> > Or do only dancing dwarves qualify is "true" weirdness?
The point is that almost everything that happens in Twin Peaks has some 
explanation in TP's ... uhh ... expanded reality. We follow it and debate 
it here to determine just what is going on, and how all the elements fit 
in. Even such a minor point as the MFAP's comment about the gum finally 
fit in.

Thus, such glitches as the party music, and, yes, James's backing band 
are cause for consideration. Few things happen on the show because "it's 

The beauty of TP is that while it's weird, it tends not to be >random<. 
There's a big difference.

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