Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: gifs from twinpeaks!
From: cmilono@netcom.UUCP (Carlo Milono)
Date: 1990-12-31, 11:25

In article <> (Ali Shah
) writes:
> >Does anybody have any .gifs of the actors in twin peaks...I'm really interested.

There are gifs galore available at (
under the directory /pub/twin-peaks/, where showdate is in the form
of MM-DD-YY.

Do an anonymous FTP to this site;  I pulled some gifs of rather poor quality
from the 11-10-90 show [ CD /pub/twin-peaks/11-10-90 ], which included
cooper.gif, laura.gif, norma.gif, bob.gif, and others.

The reason for the poor quality is obviously that they were captured with
an NTSC frame grabber...TV isn't HD yet!  I enhanced the image by converting
from 256 colors to grey scale...
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