Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: What is Bob?
From: (Ann Hodgins)
Date: 1990-12-31, 10:47

Hope you forgive me for bringing the following dismal
thoughts into this recreational newsgroup, but...
I saw a documentary recently about the genocide of the
Gypsies in Europe under the Nazis.
Since I had 'the evil that men do' on my mind I saw
parallels between what I was learning there and Twin Peaks.
"Holocaust" is a curious word with the long history
of its own. It originally refered to a burnt sacrifice. 
It means wholesale sacrifice or destruction, especially
by fire.
When people today try to imagine evil incarnate they often
nominate Hitler. The greatest crime we have see in recent
years was the death camps in Europe during the second world war.
(Although in fact genocide is a crime dating back to
at least BC times as documented in the Old Testament
and may, as the fossil record seems to indicate, go back much
further into our history.)
Survivors of the death camps describe how they were attacked and
killed for sport.  They describe trenchs soaked with fuel oil into
which living humans were pushed. One woman recalled how her gypsy
friends were taken away and killed. She said it was as though
her favourite daughter had been murdered.
The smell of burning oil, the death of the favourite child, evil
hiding within a community, multiple deaths - parallels to Twin Peaks?