Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Latest word from Scott Frost
From: (Paul Raveling)
Date: 1991-01-02, 12:50

	Things have been hectic lately for both Scott & me, but
	we finally got on the phone a couple days ago.  He's currently
	not in close touch with the show because he's writing a book,
	and has a February 1 deadline.  In December he spent 5 days
	in Philadelphia doing research for the book.

	The book's provisional title is something like "Cooper:  My Life,
	My Tapes", and it's due to be published in March or April.

	One reason things have been hectic for Scott & me is that
	we've both moved.  My wife has named our new house "Twin Peaks"
	to honor a couple architectural features, but it also lies
	between Martel Creek and Briggs Ranch.  On a modest drive uphill
	yesterday we found something that could pass as the RR Diner,
	but it was actually the R & R Cafe and Saloon.  Scott claims
	all these Peakish names are pure coincidence.

	BTW, my grandmother, Laura, was the daughter of a Norwegian.  My
	grandfather, Earl, was of English descent but at least wasn't
	named Wyndham.  Still, maybe it wouldn't hurt to check the
	family tree for clues to future mysteries on Peaks.

Paul Raveling