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Subject: Re: Cooper's from Philly!
From: (George Fink)
Date: 1991-01-02, 14:13

In article (Jonathan Levine) writes:
> >In article (Jym Dyer) writes:
>> >>___
>> >>__  Is Germantown Friends School a Quaker institution?  Seems to
>> >>_   me that if Coop had a Quaker upbringing, he'd be leaning
>> >>    towards Taoism if his interests lie to the East.  But then
>> >>    again, there was that dream.
> >Germantown Friends' is Quaker, but the Quaker schools in the Philadelphia
> >area tend to be pretty secular in curriculum & eclectic in student
> >backgrounds.  I'd guess that most of the students at G.F. aren't Quakers.
> >Jon

Quakers schools are all (with one or two exceptions) 'pretty secular 
in curriculum and eclectic in student backgrounds.'  And it is true at
most that most of the students are not Quakers.  However secular they
may have become, these schools still retain some spiritual basis.  And
Quakerism nowadays is not necessarily as Christian-based as its roots.

--George (Scattergood Friends School, West Branch, IA alum)
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