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Subject: Re: The spelling of names (Re: thoughts on 12/8....)
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1991-01-02, 00:05

In article <>, (Dave Mack) writes...

}} Until it was printed in TV GUIDE, I spelled it "Wyndham" simply because of
}} the sf writer John Wyndham (whose real name is John Wyndham Parkes Lewis).

} Until I see it spelled "Windom" in the credits, I'll continue to use
} "Wyndham". TV Guide is not, in my opinion, an authoritative source for
} this sort of thing. 

They got "Tojamura" correctly while everyone was spelling with just about
every possible permutation of letters that began with "T".

Given that TV GUIDE most likely gets its information from the Lynch/Frost
or ABC publicity departments, I think they have a better-than-even chance
of being correct.

} So there.

So there backatcha.

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