Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Winnie, the two faced crook with a nice chesst.
From: (Rafael Juarez)
Date: 1991-01-02, 17:52

	Where has it been said that Windham (my preferred spelling) is a master
of disguise?  I agree with the previous poster from BBN (hey, can I have a
job?) that it's only been hashed around on

	But it follows that if we've been calling Windham a master-of-disguise,
there's gotta be some reason to it, 'cause we often hit pretty close to the

	OK, there's some interesting stuff going on in the town-- first of all,
there already _was_ a rather well disguised gentleman ("That's no gentleman,
that's my wife!" cries Pete in the background) in town, who is later revealed
to have had an angelic creature (or perhaps symbolistically her mind; I don't
know how much to read into what she said) watching over her.  Although it
doesn't seem that Windham would have a motive to use Catherine, this _is_ Twin
Peaks, which leads us to an understanding: it don't gotta make sense.

	More deception: The R&R Diner's owner's mom is the "great food critic",
not in disguise but certainly deceptive in method.

	Andrew Packard is alive.  Hmm.  While I certainly doubt it's Windham,
it does lead to massive coverup and scammity, so I'd point towards a "master of
disguise"-- or "master of hiding" in this case.

	There is a great deal of the "things are not what they seem" madrid
going on in Twin Peaks; at any given moment, you can't be sure if a person is
hiding something, such as a takeover by a hostile alien or spiritual being-- my
point?  Yeah, yeah, many strange worlds I've been since I've gotten to the
point of this message (I'm sorry for the many dropped references here, I don't
even mean to do them anymore, but there's nothing left to do about it but :-)
:-) :-), which boils down to: there's a lot of Januslike-- two faced-- activity
here, and so many of the plots interwoven so well that it seems to follow that
Windham would be in disguise.

	For the coup-de-grace (I speak French; I was a solitary soul earlier in
life and so studied diligently the other languages), two points: Cooper would
recognize Windham if Windham *wasn't* in disguise, and Windham *has* a
brilliant criminal mind, so I don't see any reason why he wouldn't have an
extraordinary ability to hide himself among the many faces-- doublefaces-- of
Twin Peaks (population 52k--).

(One thing I'd like to ask.  I used the word madrid in a wholly inappropriate
spot, and I certainly don't know why; the word simply came to finger as I
composed this message.  Fiona-- care to psychoanalyze?)
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