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Subject: Re: Cooper's from Philly!
From: (Janet M. Swisher)
Date: 1991-01-03, 09:16

In article <> (George
Fink) writes:
> >In article 
> > (Jonathan Levine) writes:
>> >>In article 
>> >> (Jym Dyer) writes:

>>> >>>___
>>> >>>__  Is Germantown Friends School a Quaker institution?  

>> >>Germantown Friends' is Quaker ...

> >Quakers schools are all (with one or two exceptions) 'pretty secular 
> >in curriculum and eclectic in student backgrounds.'  ...  And
> >Quakerism nowadays is not necessarily as Christian-based as its roots.

Actually, it depends on where you are.  To utterly generalize, the
further west you go in the US, the more "Christ-centered" the Quakers
are.  And Kenya and other African countries have lots of "Evangelical"
Quakers (who are NOT pacifist).  But the Quaker influence on
Germantown Friends School is of the East Coast variety.

But that's a thread for another group.

P.S. Email me, and I'll tell you what my parents said about Richard
Nixon being a Quaker.
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