Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: A Twin Peaks Christmas - Part II
From: (jogle)
Date: 1991-01-04, 08:58

In my last posting, I wrote about a Twin Peaks Christmas package 
that I put together for my sister.  6 gifts, each with a Twin Peaks
quote attached to it.

Well, my birthday is not too far away from Christmas...and it seems
that my sister and brother and his wife had the same idea.  (You know, 
as a family, as far as Twin Peaks goes, we really are out of control).  
So I go to my sister's house one day and there's this big box waiting 
for me with the words "It is happenning again".  When I open it I find a 
group of gifts, each with a quote attached to it:

  1) "My log saw something" - Of course, wrapped in plastic, my
      own personal log.

  2) "The owls are not what they seem" - A computer printout of 
      seemingly lots of giberish.  Upon close inspection, one 
      can find the words COOPER COOPER COOPER.  (I wonder how
      long it took my brother to type in all that gibberish)

  3) "Leo needs a new pair of shoes" - GI Joe boots.  Complete with
      removable heel containing a makeshift cassette tape.

  4) "Yes Andy, it's what we call a three hanky crime"  - Three

  5) "There's a the perculator" - A bathtub toy of a green 

  6) "...FIRE WALK WITH ME..." - A book of matches.  (Wanna play with

  7) "When the Tacoma Sperm bank...besides I like whales" - Another
      bathtub toy...this time a yellow whale.

  8) "Diane..." - a microcassette.

  9) "mares eats oats...etc" - A can of white hair coloring that had
      appropriately written on it INSTANT LELAND IN A CAN.

 10) "You're going back to Missula, MONTANA" - Yet another doll, this
      time a a golf bag.

Well, as I said before, my family is pretty out of control.  
(Probably no more out of control than the ones who write on this
newsgroup). Anyway, it was hysterical.  They better show an episode 
soon, or else, God know what else we may do.

-- -- jogle att!floyd!jogle