Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: A Twin Peaks Christmas - Pt I
From: (jogle)
Date: 1991-01-04, 08:56

The holidays for most Twin Peaks finatics was pretty much devoid
of the show (being it was pre-empted for the past 3 weeks)...but
not for me.

It all started when I saw a Twin Peaks tee shirt in an out of the
way store in Greenwich Village, NYC.  I thought it would be a perfect
gift for my sister, who is a self-admitted Twin Peaks addict.  

Later, while walking thru B Dalton Books, not only do I see the 
Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, but also this thin book which is
supposedly an Introduction to Twin Peak for first timers.  It was
then that the whole idea of a Twin Peaks Christmas package hit me.

The final gift consisted of 6 gifts, each with a Twin Peaks quote
attached to it:

  1) "Damn Good Coffee...and Hot" - this was the T-shirt which
      had a cup of coffee on it with the saying "R & R Diner...
      for a good cup of Joe"  (Incidently, there's a whole LINE
      of Twin Peaks T-Shirts ranging from a Twin Peaks Sherriffs
      Department Shirt to shirts having pictures of Laura or the
      Log Lady.)

  2) "Looking for Secrets?" - This was the diary.  What else would
      it be?

  3) "The Things I tell you will not be wrong" - This was the Intro
      to TP book.  This book inciduently, is in no way associated
      with Lynch/Frost.  Just some fan got enough motivation to 
      put together a guide of the first season. (Probably tired 
      of people asking what Twin Peaks was all about!)

  4) "J'ai un homme solitaire" - A can of creamed corn.  Do you see
      creamed corn on this plate?

  5) "New Shoes" - a kazoo, Leo spit not included.

  6) "She's Dead...wrapped in plastic" - i loved this one.  What I did
      was to buy a Barbie doll, open it up, wrap it in plastic, and
      cross out Barbie on the box and write in "Laura".

I feel like I did a service to my poor sister.  For if it wasn't 
for this package, she would be in a most serious state of Peaks

( be continued.....)
-- -- jogle att!floyd!jogle