Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TP resume wanted!
From: (Svein-Ivar Lillehaug)
Date: 1991-01-05, 11:52

In Norway/Sweden we have just started on the second part of Twin Peaks.
(Audrey is still at One Eyed Jack's).

To prevent me from becoming a slave of the TV, could someone post a
resume on "What did really happen in Twin Peaks"? Who killed who and
why? Who's pregnant with who? How is life in Hong Kong? Who is missing
and why? A presentation of the spirits and their favourite persons.
Who is dating who while dating who at the same time? Strange behaviours
by whom? Other crimes?   ...and so on.... 

And ecspecially I'm interested in the Leland-Bob conjunction and how
that killing of Laura did happen. Why?

Please do the posting to this group, otherwise I will end up with
tousands of resumes in my mailbox.

BTW, the Norwegians are not like those strange people described in the
first episode.

Thanks in advance

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