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Subject: TP - The ^Twin Peaks^ Timeline: 1000 - 1007
From: (-=+!***Slayer***!+=-)
Date: 1991-01-06, 12:54

Here is the timeline for the first season. Someone a while back started this
(I don't know who) and posted it, and I took it and added a few details
and transcribed scenes I've seen in articles here.
If you have corrections or have transcribed scenes (*please* make sure they
are correct - not just from memory as I don't have time to go check) then
send them to me at
Thanks to the person who started this and to all those who transcribed
Second season will follow soon.


1983  ("6 years ago" - Truman to Cooper)
   -- Andrew Packard brings Josie over from Hong Kong to be his wife

August 1987 (approx)
   -- Andrew Packard dies, supposedly in a boating accident. Truman first tells
      Cooper Packard died "last year" which would've been 1988 but later tells
      him it happened "a year and a half ago."
   -- Hank Jennings "accidently" kills an unnamed vagrant, is convicted of
      vehicular manslaughter and sent to jail. (He's said to've spent 18
      months in jail.)

06 Feb (Monday) (date at top of page in diary)
   -- "Day One" (entry in Laura's diary). During Cooper's questioning of James,
      he asked what happened on 2/5 and James flashed back on the time when
      Laura gave him the locket. Cooper said to Diane he had flipped back 18
      days to "Day One." That could be 18 days from 2/23 (last entry in the
      diary), yielding the 5th, or from 2/24 (the day he was looking at it),
      yielding the 6th.

12 Feb (Sunday)
   -- The picnic (James told Cooper it was "two Sundays ago")

23 Feb (Thursday)

   05:00 pm (Josie to Cooper and Truman)
   -- Laura arrives at Josie's for her English lessons. Josie says Laura left
      an hour later.

   Sometime after dinner
   -- Last entry in Laura's diary: "Nervous about meeting J. tonight."
      (After dinner since she remarks about having asparagus for dinner again)

   09:00 - 09:30
   -- Laura returns home from Bobby's. (Sarah Palmer tells Truman she last saw
      Laura when she got home about 9:00. Bobby answers yes when Cooper asks
      him, "she was studying at your house until about 9:30. Isn't that right?"

   -- Laura snuck out of her house (James to Cooper)

   -- Leland calls Laura from Ben's office

   -- Laura jumps off James' bike and runs off (James to Cooper)

   12:00 - 04:00 am
   -- Estimated time of Laura's death according to the preliminary autopsy

24 Feb (Friday)   [Episode 1000 (pilot) - 4/8/90, 8/5/90
		   Written by Mark Frost and David Lynch
		   Directed by David Lynch]

   "Just after dawn" (Harry to Bobby)
   -- Pete Martell finds Laura's body: "She's dead...wrapped in pastic"
   -- Ben and Leland have meeting with Norwegians. Ben mentions he has
      information that the sawmill will go belly up within a year.
      Leland receives news about Laura.
   -- Bobby takes Shelley home, then goes to school and is arrested.

   -- Ronnette announced as missing then is found wandering along the tracks.
   -- Nadine sends Big Ed off to get the drapes ("They said those drapes would
      be ready by 10.")

   11:30 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper enters Twin Peaks. (He had lunch at the Lamplighter Inn)

   Noon/early afternoon
   -- Cooper & Truman check on Ronnette. (Truman to Cooper: "as far as we know,
      Ronnette and Laura hardly knew each other." Ronnette: "no, don't go
   -- Dr. Jacoby tells Cooper and Truman he wants to go to the morgue. Truman
      says no. Jacoby also says that Laura's parents didn't know she was seeing
   -- Cooper and Truman check on Laura. Cooper finds an "R" under Laura's left
      ring finger.
   -- Andy and team find the train car.
   -- Cooper and Truman question Bobby, then Donna.

04:00 (approx)
   -- "The Norwegians are leaving!" (one of Ben's employees tells concierge Ben
      would be back by 4:00 for the final signing of the deal with the
      Norwegians, and Ben arrives as the Norwegians are leaving)

04:10 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper and Truman at train car. They find the necklace, on a chain, with
      half of the heart and a note, "Fire, walk with me."

Late afternoon
   -- Cooper and Truman at the bank. Clerk says Laura had safety deposit box
      for about 6 months. Inside are over $10,000 and a copy of Fleshworld.
   -- Leo finds two kinds of cigarette butts in the ashtray and threatens

Early evening
   -- Town meeting where Cooper addresses the community leaders. He says that
      one year ago, almost to the day, in the southwest corner of the state,
      a girl by the name of Theresa Banks was found dead and because of
      "irrefutable similarities," he believes that same perpetrator killed
      Laura and almost killed Ronnette.

09:30 (approx)
   -- Donna sneaks out to meet James at the Roadhouse. Big Ed meets Norma there
      as well. Fight breaks out, Joey Paulson takes Donna to meet James. James
      and Donna bury the locket, on a thong. James is arrested.

Late evening
   -- Truman meets Josie, has been seeing her for about 6 weeks (Truman to
   -- Catherine meets Ben, tells him they agree "to meet to talk about it"

12:28 am (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper knocks off for the night at the Great Northern. Locket, on a
      thong, is dug up by person unknown (Jacoby).

25 Feb (Saturday)   [Episode 1001 - 4/12/90, 8/11/90
		     Written by Mark Frost and David Lynch
		     Directed by Duwayne Dunham]

   06:18 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper is up and goes to breakfast, where he meets Audrey

   Early to mid-morning
   -- Cooper rattles off the day's schedule to Truman, who's stuffin' his face
      with a donut. C: "Harry, I really have to urinate!"
   -- Cooper and Truman get autopsy results from Dr. Hayward
   -- Shelley discovers Leo's shirt soaked with blood and hides it
   -- Cooper and Truman question James
   -- Mike and Bobby talk in jail cell (Leo called Mike "yesterday" and Bobby
      met with Leo "the night Laura died")
   -- The Donna and Laura picnic video
   -- Donna to mom: Laura's been seeing James for 2 months. Donna is sad but
   -- Cooper gets call from Albert. Harry and Ed discuss the stakeout. Ed
      thinks his drink was drugged at the Roadhouse. The bartender was Jacques.
   -- James released into Ed's custody, Mike and Bobby released.

   "Just barely morning" (Pete to Josie)
   -- Cooper and Truman talk to Josie. Pete: There was a fish... *in* the
   -- Catherine meets Ben. They plan to torch the sawmill.

   -- Donna visits the Palmers. Sarah has a vision of Laura and killer Bob

   Late afternoon/early evening (exterior shot is dark)
   -- Hawk qustions Pulaskis, spots one-armed man
   -- Bobby and Major Briggs have words over dinner
   -- Cooper and Truman encounter Log Lady at RR
   -- Jenny's first day at One-Eyed Jack's (not shown but mentioned later)

   Later in evening
   -- Shelley gets home and is beaten by Leo
   -- James has dinner at Haywards'
   -- Jacoby listens to tape from Laura, takes out the locket, on a thong
   -- Bob Lydecker assaulted outside a bar in Lowtown, a section of Twin Peaks
      (not shown)

   Saturday evening (continued)   [Episode 1002 - 4/19/90, 8/18/90
		   		   Written by Mark Frost and David Lynch
				   Directed by David Lynch]

   -- Jerry Horne gets back from Paris. He and Ben go to OEJ.

   Midnight (clock at Haywards')
   -- James and Donna have their heart-to-heart
   -- Hawk calls Cooper, tells him that Ronnette recently quit at the perfume
   -- Audrey slips note under Cooper's door (Jack with one eye)
   -- Bobby and Mike meet with Leo in the woods. Bobby sees someone with Leo.
      Leo: Leo needs a new pair of shoes!

26 Feb (Sunday)
   -- Ed drops grease on Nadine's drape runners. Nadine's arms bend back.
   -- Shelley turns off a commercial for "Invitation to Love" and Bobby visits
   -- Cooper teaches Harry, Hawk, Andy and Lucy about Tibet. Rock/bottle:
                             1 James Hurley, secret boyfriend
                !            2 Josie Packard, was instructed in English by
                U3             Laura. Bottle wobbled slightly.
              !---!          3 Dr. Lawrence Jacoby, Laura's psychiatrist.
              2   !            Grazed bottle, bottle fell but did not break.
              !   !          4 Johnny Horne, Laura was his special education
       !----! !   ! !--1-!     tutor. Rock hit trash can.
       !    ! !   ! !    !   5 Norma Jennings, she helped Laura organize the
       !    ! !   ! !    !     Meals on Wheels program.
                5            6 Shelley Johnson, waitress at diner, friend.
                               Rock hit tree, then Andy.
                             7 Jack with one eye. No rock thrown.
                             8 Leo Johnson, husband of Shelley, drives a truck,
                               connection with Laura unknown. Bottle struck.
   -- Ed meets Norma at the RR

   Late morning (after church)
   -- Haywards meet Audrey in the RR who puts on music on the juke. "God,
      I love this music. Isn't it too dreamy?"

   Afternoon ("are we going to have to stand here all afternoon?" Albert to
   -- Albert and team arrive

   -- Nadine ecstatic about her now-silent runners
   -- Pete and Catherine talk. Pete sneaks safe key to Josie and she finds two
      ledgers in the safe.
   -- Leland has a breakdown to the strains of Glen Miller
   -- Cooper dreams:
      A series of sudden images, as if illuminated by a strobe light with
      darkness in between:
	Cooper in a chair, the dwarf
	Laura's mother running downstairs [from episode 1000]
	Bob at foot of Laura's bed
	A bloody cloth [in the railroad car?]
	Laura dead
	Bob crouched at Laura's bed  [Sarah's vision]
      The One-Armed Man:
	Through the darkness of future past,
	The magician longs to see
	One..chants...out..between two worlds...
	Fire...walk with me.
	We lived among the people -- I think you say convenience store?
	We lived above it.  I mean it like it is, as it sounds.  I too
	have been touched by the devilish one; tattoo on the left shoulder.
	Ah, but when I saw the face of God, I was changed.  I took the
	entire arm off.  My name is Mike.  His name is Bob.
      Bob, crouched in some room full of clutter (tantalizingly
      unrecognizable metal objects) like an attic or basement.  He looks
      around and says:
	Mike?  Mike?  Can you hear me?  [he turns to look at the camera]
	Catch you with my death bag!
	You may think I've gone insane, but I promise I *will* kill again!
      A small mound of dirt with a gold necklace on it, surrounded by a
      ring of candles. A puff of wind; the candles blow out.
      An older Agent Cooper (in his 50s or so) is sitting in a red-carpeted, 
      red-curtained lounge.  Laura Palmer is sitting a few chairs away from
      him, dressed in a slinky black dress and looking very elegant.  There 
      is a strange scraping noise - a distorted silhouette of a person,
      backlit against a doorway -- it seems to be shuddering somehow -- the 
      scraping noise gets faster.  Suddenly the distorted silhouette turns
      around.  It's The Little Man From Another Place.  The scraping sound
      was him rubbing his palms together.  He's got a cheerful, wide smile,
      and he says (in twisted, reversed backwards English)
	Let's rock!
      He sits in one of the chairs.  There is a pause.  A black shadow drifts
      slowly over the red curtains, over their heads. Laura puts one finger
      next to her nose, looking significantly at Cooper.  Then:

      LMFAP: [to Cooper]  I've got good news.  That gum you like is going to 
	come back in style.  [noticing Cooper staring at Laura]  She's my
	cousin.  But, doesn't she look almost exactly like Laura Palmer?
      Cooper: [to LMFAP]  But she is Laura Palmer.
	[to Laura]  Are you Laura Palmer?
      Laura: [arching her back weirdly]  I feel like I know her,
 	but sometimes my arms bend back.
      LMFAP: She's filled with secrets.  Where we're from, the birds sing a 
	pretty song, and there's always music in the air.
      Slow jazz music begins to play.  The Little Man From Another Place
      stands and starts a jerky dance.  Laura stands, crosses to Cooper,
      kisses him, and whispers something in his ear. 
      -- Cooper jerks awake, with his special Cooper Cowlick pointing straight
	 up.  He calls Harry and says he knows who killed Laura Palmer -- 
	 but it can wait till morning.

27 Feb (Monday)   [Episode 1003 - 4/26/90, 8/28/90
		   Written by Harley Peyton
		   Directed by Tina Rathborne]

   07:15 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper meets with Audrey over breakfast then tells Harry and Lucy about
      his dream. In actuality, he describes the ending to the European
      version. He can't remember the killer's name.
   -- Fight at the morgue: Ben and Doc Hayward won't let Albert continue with
      his autopsy.
      Albert: Mr. Horne, I recognize that your position in this fair
	community necessitates venality, insincerity, and a certain irritating
	manner of expressing yourself.  Stupidity, however, is not a necessarily
	inherent trait.  Therefore, please listen closely--You can have a
	funeral any old time.  You dig a hole, you plant a coffin.  I, however,
	cannot perform these tests next year, next month, next week or even
	tomorrow--I must perform them now.  
	I've got a lot of cutting and pasting to do, gentlemen, so please
	return to your porch rockers and resume whittling.
      Truman slugs him.

   Mid to late morning (?)
   -- Cousin Madeline arrives to the strains of "Daddy!" on ItL
   -- Norma is told of Hank's pending parole
   -- Cooper and Truman talk to Leo
   -- Bobby and father have words again

   12:27 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper and Truman leave for funeral after Albert's autopsy report
      Laura was tied up twice, two kinds of twine. Traces of soap at the back
      of her neck. Died of numerous cuts.
   -- Ed and Nadine have a quiet moment. James declines to go to the funeral.
   -- Audrey checks on her family through a peephole. Ben and Sylvia fight over
      whether or not to take Johnny to the funeral. Dr Jacoby comforts Johnny.

   Early afternoon
   -- Laura's funeral. James and Bobby fight. Leland freaks out.

   -- Shelley demonstrates Leland's coffin ride
   -- Cooper meets the Bookhouse Boys (Truman, Ed, James, Joey, Hawk) and they
      question Bernard Renault at the Bookhouse.
   -- Jacques calls Leo for help
   -- Catherine eavesdrops on Josie and Harry. Josie shows Harry the safe, but
      one of the ledgers is missing. Catherine has it.
   -- Cooper meets with Jacoby at the cemetary, then meets Hawk at the
      Roadhouse. The two take a drunken Leland home.

28 Feb (Tuesday)   [Episode 1004 - 5/3/90, 9/1/90
		    Written by Robert Engles
		    Directed by Tim Hunter]

   -- Andy sketches killer Bob from Sarah Palmer's description. Sarah then
      describes her vision of someone digging up the necklace.
   -- Cooper questions Jacoby
   -- Hawk tracks down the OAM to the Timber Falls motel, where at the
      same time, Ben and Catherine are having a rendezvous, and are being
      staked out by Josie.
   -- Cooper and the boys arrive and question Philip Michael Gerard the OAM.
      He has a suitcase full of shoes. Andy drops his gun and it goes off.
   -- Bernard Renault makes bail (not shown but mentioned later)
   -- Audrey gets Donna to agree to help her find Laura's killer
   -- Norma goes to Hank's parole meeting
   -- Cooper and the boys visit the Lydecker Clinic and confiscate files
   -- Bobby has rendezvous with Shelley and she gives him Leo's bloody shirt
   -- Cooper, Harry, Hawk and Andy practice in the shooting range

   Late afternoon/early evening
   -- James runs into Madeline Ferguson at the RR diner
   -- Norma gets a call from the prison. Hank is being paroled.
   -- Ben talks to Jerry about some Icelanders, then Audrey talks to Ben about
      learning the family business by starting work at the department store.
   -- A fax arrives from Gordon with a reconstruction of the plastic piece
      found in Laura's stomach. Andy comes across the file on Waldo, a mynah
      bird belonging to Jacques Renault. The cops race to Jacques' apartment.
      They find Leo's bloody shirt there, planted by Bobby.

   -- Ben meets Leo by the river and they make plans about setting fire to the
      mill. Bernard's body is lying on the ground. Leo confesses to killing him
      and reports that frere Jacques is hiding out in Canada. (Leo tapes this
   -- James and Donna go to the buried necklace and find it missing
   -- Pete chats with Josie and retires. She gets a call from Hank.

01 Mar (Wednesday)   [Episode 1005 - 5/10/90, 9/8/90
		      Written by Mark Frost
		      Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter]

   04:28 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper is woken up by singing Icelanders

   -- Cooper meets Audrey in the hotel restaurant
   -- Ben and Jerry discuss the Sons of Odin
   -- Cooper meets Harry and Andy at Jacques' place. The blood on Leo's shirt
      is determined to be AB-. It doesn't match Laura's but matches Jacques'.
   -- Bobby has breakfast at Shelley's. Andy comes looking for Leo. Leo calls.
   -- Norma drops by Big Ed's and they agree to cool their relationship for
   -- Audrey has her job interview at daddy's store
   -- James and Donna meet
   -- Cooper discovers Laura's ad in Fleshworld
   -- Madeline meets with James and Donna at the RR and agrees to help them
   -- Hank, now out on parole, shows up at the RR to start work
   -- The Briggs family goes to see Dr. Jacoby
   -- Cooper, Harry, Hawk, and Doc Hayward go hiking:
      As they approach the cabin, a crow lands on a nearby branch and
      eyes them. The Log Lady appears and the crow caws.
      LL:   "It's about time you got here."
        {To no one in particular} "They move so slowly when they're not 
         afraid.  Come on, then, my log does not judge."
        { They follow her inside. }
      LL:   "I've got tea.  I've got cookies.  No cake."
      Coop: "That's very kind ma'am, but I don't believe..."
      Hawk: "What kind of cookies?"
      LL:   "Sugar.  The owls won't see us in here."
      Doc:  "A cup of tea would be very nice."
      LL:   {To HST & Coop} "Shut your eyes and you'll burst into flames."
      HST:  {Strolling to the table} "Thanks Margaret."
      LL:   "We'll let it steep."
        { All sitting at the table.  Coop goes for a cookie, and Margaret
        slaps his hand. }
      LL:   "Wait for the tea.  The fish aren't running."
      HST:  "You've been expecting us, Margaret?"
      LL:   "You're two days late, but that's you're concern.  My log saw 
        something, something significant."
      HST:  "What did your log see?"
      LL:   "Tea first.  Then be ready."
        "My husband was a logging man.  He met the devil.  Fire is the devil
        hiding like a coward in the smoke."
      Doc:  "It was the day after the wedding, wasn't it Margaret?"
      Hawk: "The wood holds many spirits, doesn't it Margaret?"
      LL:   {Gesturing with log to Coop} "You can ask it now."
      Coop: "What did you see the night Laura Palmer was killed."
      LL:   "I'll do the talking."
        "Dark.  Laughing.  The owls were flying.  Many things were blocked.  
        Laughing.  Two men.  Two women.  Flashlights pass by the woods over 
        the ridge.  The owls were near.  The dark was pressing in on her.
        Quiet then.  Later, footsteps.  One man passed by.  Screams.
        Far away.  Terrible.  Terrible.  One voice."
      Coop: "Man or girl?"
      LL: "Girl.  Further up over the ridge, the owls were silent."
      { As they leave on the way to discovering Jacques' cabin, the crow leaves
      the branch it has been on all this time and follows, landing on a branch
      when they stop once again.  We get a close-up of its blinking eye.       }

   04:00 (cuckoo clock)
   -- Cooper, Harry, Hawk, and Doc find Jacques' cabin and discover clues given
      to Cooper in his dream

   -- Party at the Great Northern for the Icelanders. Ben and Catherine meet in
      private, Audrey eavesdrops. Catherine confronts Ben about OEJ chip, slaps
      him 3 times, says lets burn the mill now.
   -- Leland freaks out to music.
   -- Madeline calls Donna. She found a tape of Laura's.
   -- Back at the party, Ben surreptitiously meets with Josie. She found the
      ledger where he said it would be. Ben: "we can proceed. Tommorrow night"
   -- Leo gets home and is beat up by Hank. "I told you to mind the store, not
      open up your own franchise." Leo gets pissed at Shelley who shoots him.
   -- Cooper arrives back at his room to find Audrey in his bed

   Wednesday evening (continued)   [Episode 1006 - 5/17/90, 9/8/90
				    Written by Harley Peyton
				    Directed by Caleb Deschanel]

   -- Cooper has a talk (and that's all) with Audrey

02 Mar (Thursday)
   -- Andy arrives at the station. Lucy won't talk to him and gets a call from
      a doctor.
   -- Cooper, Harry, and Doc Hayward are trying to get Waldo to speak
   -- Hawk shows up with a forensics report on Jacques' cabin and says that
      Jacques is now working as a dealer at OEJ. There were defenitely 3 guests
      at Jacques' cabin: Laura, Ronnette, and Leo.

   -- Leo spots Bobby arriving at his house to see Shelley. He then takes off
      when he hears on the police band radio about Waldo.
   -- Maddy, Donna, and James listen to the tape that Maddy found. They plot to
      get the missing tape (2/23) they belive Jacoby has.
   -- Audrey and another girl, Jenny, are working the perfume counter at
      Horne's. Audrey hides in manager Emory Battis' office to listen in on his
      conversation with Jenny concerning her sideline work at OEJ.
   -- At the Double-R Diner, Hank palms a lighter that a customer left. Hank
      has thoughts about Big Ed after a talk with Shelley. Harry comes in with
      Cooper and warns Hank to keep clean.
   -- Nadine is home watching "Invitation to Love" and feeling miserable
      because the patent attorney she went to didn't like her drape runner
      idea. Ed comes in, comforts her, and encourages her to keep trying.
   -- Harry stops by Josie's and asks about her being at the Timber Falls Motel
      on Tuesday. First she tries to deny it but then tells him about Ben and
      Catherine and about overhearing Catherine's plan to burn the mill.

   Evening (Cooper to Harry)
   -- Harry and Ed rendezvous with Cooper at the hotel. Harry tells Cooper
      about Josie's problem. Cooper seems suspicious. Audrey shows up looking
      for Cooper just as they left.
   -- Mr. Neff, an insurance agent, shows up at Catherine's about an unsigned
      policy. Josie was to get $1,000,000 upon Catherine's death.
   -- Catherine finds her bogus ledger missing
   -- Audrey leaves a note under Cooper's door and notices an Asian man
      checking in a couple of doors down from Cooper
   -- Leo shoots Waldo and drives off, but not before Waldo's last words are
      recorded. "Laura, Laura, don't go there. Hurting me, hurting me. Stop
      it, stop it. Leo, no, Leo no."

   -- Cooper and Ed show up at OEJ posing as "Fred and Barney" and meet
      Blackie. Ed craps, Cooper jacks.
   -- Maddy sneaks out, though she is seen by Leland, to meet James and Donna.
   -- Ben eats ice cream with Jerry, then sends him off with the Icelanders to
      OEJ for a signing party for the Ghostwood deal
   -- Ben calls Josie about Catherine. Josie says she'll "get Catherine there"
      and that it is "planned for tonight."
   -- Audrey meets Blackie. She ties a cherry stem into a knot with her tongue,
      and is hired at OEJ
   -- Jacques relieves the previous dealer at the blackjack table where Cooper
      is playing
   -- Dr. Jacoby is watching ItL on tv when he gets a call from "Laura." At the
      gazebo, where Maddy, disguised as Laura, is waiting with James and Donna
      and Bobby is watching them. The whole tableux is being watched by a
      mysterious heavy breather.
   -- Jacoby takes off to find out what's going on with "Laura" while James and
      Donna sneak into his office to search for the mising tape. Bobby has
      followed them there and sticks a bag of cocaine in James' gas tank.

   Evening (continued)   [Episode 1007 - 5/24/90, 9/15/90
			  Written and directed by Mark Frost]

   -- James and Donna enter Jacoby's place, find paper umbrellas, the (slightly
      different) missing tape and half the locket on a chain
   -- Jacoby, watching "Laura" is beaten by person unknown
   -- Audrey meets with Blackie and notices Cooper on a monitor
   -- Cooper talks with Jacques, sets him up. Jacques says the bird had a thing
      for Laura. Leo put a chip in Laura's mouth while the bird was attacking
      her and said, "bite the bullet, baby."
   -- Leo kidnaps Shelley
   -- Jacques arrested, struggles, is about to shoot Harry when Andy shoots him
   -- Bobby, Maddy, Donna listen to the tape.
	"Hey what's up doc? It's Laura, in case you haven't guessed. It's
	Thursday the 23rd and I'm so bored. Actually, I'm in kind of a weird
	mood. God, James is sweet, but he's so dumb. And right now I can only
	take so much of sweet. Hey, remember that mystery man I told you
	about? Well, if I tell you his name then you're gonna be in trouble.
	He wouldn't be such a mystery man anymore, but you might be history,
	man. I think a couple of times he's tried to kill me. But guess what?
	As you know, I sure got off on it. Isn't sex weird? This guy can
	really light my F-I-R-E. He's a red corvette... Uh oh, here comes mom
	with milk and cookies. Later, Lawrence. Bye bye."

   3:20 (working back from the bomb clock)
   -- Leo prepares to burn the mill with Shelley tied up in it. Timer set for 1
   -- Nadine writes a note and takes pills
   -- Hank receives $90,000 from Josie for the job 18 months ago. He says doing
      business with someone is for life and slits both their thumbs.
   -- Catherine is upset. She can't find the ledger. She deviously asks for
      Pete's help.
   -- Ed, Hank, and Andy tell other deputies what happened within earshot of
      Lucy. Andy makes his move and she announces she is pregnant.
   -- Lucy receives call from "Leo" (Bobby) to check out James. "He's an easy
   -- Cooper and Truman question Jacques. He was in the cabin with Leo, Laura,
      and Ronnette. He and Leo fought and hit him with a whisky bottle.
   -- Hayward tells Cooper and Truman that Jacoby said he saw Laura
   -- Catherine gets a call from Hank. "It's at the mill, what you're looking
   -- Ed finds Nadine unconscious. He calls for an ambulance. The address is
      422 Riverside.
   -- Lucy gives message to Cooper and Truman. Leland asks Harry about suspect.
   -- James gives Cooper Laura's tape. Cooper tells him Jacoby is in the
      hospital and confronts him about the cocaine found in his gas tank.
   -- Icelanders (Einar Thorson) sign the Ghostwood contract
   -- Ben tells Hank to proceed
   -- Bobby goes to see Shelley, is attacked by Leo, who is shot by Hank

   4:20 am (clock on bomb)
   -- Catherine finds Shelley and frees her. Fire starts.
   -- Leland kills Jacques
   -- Pete goes into burning sawmill after Catherine
   -- Ben signs the contract and goes to see the new girl (Audrey)
      "Close your eyes. This is the stuff as dreams are made of."

   4:37 am (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper returns to his room, notices the quiet, picks up note addressed,
      "My special agent," receives a phone call and is shot by person unknown
-- "Are you suggesting there is something... irregular at work here?" Edwin Nomura