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Subject: TP - The ^Twin Peaks^ Timeline: 2001 - 2002
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Date: 1991-01-06, 12:56

Here are the first two episodes of the second season.
Thanks to those who transcribed scenes.
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03 Mar Friday (continued)   [Episode 2001 - 9/30/90
			     Written by Mark Frost
			     Directed by David Lynch]

   Early morning (4:45?)
   -- Room service waiter delivers Cooper's warm milk, hangs up phone on
      Andy. "I've heard about you."
   -- The Giant appears:
      G: "I will tell you three things.  If I tell them to you and they come
	true, then will you believe me?"
      C: "Who's that?"
      G: "Think of me as a friend."
      C: "Where do you come from?"
      G: {Shaking head} "The question is: where have you gone?"
	 "The 1st thing I will tell you is: There's a man in a smiling bag."
      C: "Man in a smiling bag..."
      G: "The 2nd thing is: The owl's are not what they seem.
	  The 3rd thing is: Without chemicals, he points."
      C: "What do these things mean?"
      G: "This is all I'm permitted to say.  Give me your ring.  I will
	return it to you when you find these things to be true."
      {Takes Coop's ring} "We want to help."
      C: "Who's we?"
      G: "One last thing.  Leo locked inside Hungry Horse.  There's a clue at 
	Leo's house.  You will require medical assistance."
   -- Jerry gives heroin to Blackie
   -- Audrey evades Ben, Jerry calls him away: Brother Ben, we got an S-N-A-G.
   -- Cooper tells Diane things he'd like to've done until Andy, Hawk, and
      Truman arrive

   7:45 am
   -- Lucy updates Cooper. Truman and Doc Hayward are present.
      C: Doc, when the will is invoked, the recuperative powers of the physical
	 body are simply extraordinary. Just give me a couple of hours to
	 get dressed.
   -- Shelley, in her hospital bed, cries for Bobby

   -- Cooper sees Jacques' body wheeled away in a bag
	C: Is that bag smiling?
	Doc: Smiling?
	Lucy: What's there to smile about?
   -- Ronnette has a vision, "Laura..."
   -- Sarah asks Maddy if she misses Beth (her mom). Maddy describes her dream,
      (the rug) Leland sports a new 'do, singing Mairzy Doats:
	Mairzy doats and dozy doats
	and little lambzy divy.
	A kiddly divy, too, wooden shoe?

	Now if the words sounds queer,
	and funny to your ear,
	a little bit jumbled and jivy,

	Mares eat oats and does eats oats
	and little lambs eat ivy.
	A kid'll eat ivy, too, wouldn't you?
      Maddy sees something in the rug.
   -- Ben and Jerry talk. Ben wants to know about Catherine and Leo's status.
      Leland arrives, singing Mairzy Doats. The brothers dance.
   -- Cooper determines what happened at Leo's.
      C: Sherrif, get your mind off Shelley - for a moment.
      Hawk finds a tarp smelling of gasoline. Albert and team arrive. Andy
      steps on a board and walks like a chicken, underneath are a pair of
      Circle Brand boots and cocaine.
      A: And it's another great moment in law enforcement history.
   -- Maddy meets with Donna at the RR and gives her Laura's shades that she
      wanted and breaks her own. They agree to "keep it quiet."
      D: Maybe the sun won't go up tommorow if you wash your hair. Think
	 like that and you'll go crazy.
      Norma gives Donna a letter that got to the RR "yesterday:" Look into
      the Meals on Wheels. The log lady spits out her gum.
   -- Albert examines Cooper: "You were shot by a right handed person 5 foot
      6 to 5 foot 10 inches tall at a distance of less than 3 feet."
      Cooper tries to get Albert to open up to the locals.
      A: After the square dance, we can all go for a hayride.
      Andy reports that Leo was in jail in Hungry Horse, Montana on 2/9/88.
      A: Where do they keep his water dish?
   -- The OAM arrives at the station to "sell shoes" to Truman (to Lucy)
   -- Truman questions James. Cooper demands and gets the locket on a thong
      from James.
      C: Jacoby! I didn't figure he had anything to do with this at all.
	 Sometimes, you just get lucky.
   -- Donna arrives at the station in Laura's shades and smoking and meets
      James in his cell.
      J: When did you start smoking?
      D: I smoke every once in a while. Helps relieve tension.
      J: When did you get so tense?
      D: When I started smoking.
   -- Cooper has Andy and Lucy look through the back issues of the last three
      years of Fleshworld for Theresa Banks.
      C to D: Diane, just received the back issues of Fleshworld. Good work.
	      It's nice to see some cooperation with the law especially from
	      a company that preys on human weaknesses.
   -- Hayward examines Jacoby. Cooper and Truman arrive. Cooper confronts
      Jacoby with the locket on a thong: I don't want any baloney, magic
      tricks or psychological mumbo jumbo.
      Jacoby said the night after Laura died, he followed Leo, lost him,
      saw and followed James and Donna and dug up the locket.
      J: Laura was, was in fact, no she was living a double life. Two people.
	 Yeah, but then, then when I saw her the last time, she
	 I dunno, she seemed to've reached a kind of peace herself. Now I
	 believe that what she in fact, she had arrived at was the decision
	 to end her life.
      T: Are you saying Laura wanted to die?
      C: Laura Palmer did not commit suicide.
      J: No, but maybe she allowed herself to be killed.
      Jacoby smelled scorched engine oil the night before.
   -- Bobby visits Shelley, brings her flowers
   -- Cooper, Truman, and Albert spot Bobby in the hospital. A: Sherrif
      Truman, to see this kind of investigative genius at work is just a
      real treat for me.
      They meet Ed in the hall.
      Ed: I never believed in fate, Agent Cooper. Always felt, you make your
	  own way, you take care of your own, you pick up after yourself.
      Albert: Farmer's Almanac?
      Cooper: Albert, I would like to speak to Ed.
      Truman: Albert, I'll buy you a cup of coffee.
      Ed tells his tale of how he was with Norma but married Nadine and
      shot her eye out accidently on their homeymoon. James drops by. Cooper
      sees the smiling bag. Albert goes to check in at the Great Northern.
   -- Pete is disgusted by the hospital food
   -- Norma visits Shelley in her room, then sees Ed caring over Nadine
   -- Bobby runs into his father at the RR:
      MB: "Bobby, may I share something with you?"
      BB: "Okay."
      MB: "A vision I had in my sleep last night, as distinguished from a
	dream, which is mere sorting and cataloguing of the day's events by
	the subconscious. This was a vision, fresh and clear as a mountain
	stream, the mind revealing itself to itself. In my vision, I was on the
	veranda of a vast estate, a palazzo of some fantastic proportion.
	There seemed to emanate from it a light from within, this gleaming,
	radiant marble.  I'd known this place. I had in fact been
	born and raised there.  This was my first return. A reunion with the
	deepest well-springs of my being.  Wandering about, I noticed happily
	that the house had been immaculately maintained. There'd been added
	a number of additional rooms, but in a way that blended so seamlessly
	with the original construction, one would never detect any difference.
	Returning to the house's grand foyer, there came a knock at the door.
	My son was standing there.  He was happy and carefree, clearly living
	a life of deep harmony and joy.  We embraced, a warm and loving
	embrace, nothing withheld.  We were, in this moment, one. My vision
        ended and I awoke with a tremendous feeling of optimism and
	confidence in you and your future.  That was my vision of you. I'm
	so glad to have had this opportunity to share it with you. I wish
	you nothing but the best in all things."
      BB: "Thank you Dad."
      Bobby appears moved. Hank asks Briggs how the pie was and salutes him.
   -- Norma won't talk about Shelley and Bobby recognizes Hank as he who
      shot Leo.
   -- Cooper and Albert tell their theory of what happened on 2/23
	C: The night Laura Palmer was killed, it appears she made 2
	   appointments. In her diary, she had written, "Nervous about
	   meeting J. tonight." I now believe this was a refernce to James
	   Hurley. She was nervous because she planned to tell him she
	   didn't want to see him anymore. Before she snuck out of the
	   house, she received a phone call.
	A: We believe it was Leo Johnson making a second appointment
	   for some time later that night.
	C: Laura met James, was with him until 12:30 when, at the intersection
	   of 21 and Sparkwood, she jumped from the bike and ran into
	   the woods. We believe that it was there that she met up with
	   Jacques Renault, Leo Johnson and Ronette Pulaski. Together
	   they drove to the foot of the trail leading to Jacques' cabin.
	   They climbed the trail, they were heard passing the cabin of
	   the Log Lady. They reached Jacques Renault's cabin at approximately
	   1 am. Drugs and alcohgol were consumed. Laura was tied up
	   and had sexual relations with both Leo and Jacques. Waldo the
	   bird was let out of his cage and attacked Laura. Leo and
	   Jacques fought. Jacques went outside and passed out. When he
	   came to, Leo and the girls were gone. We believe Leo hiked
	   back down to his Corvette alone, leaving the girls behind.
	A: The reason being, there was a third man.
	C: Deputy Hawk found evidence of a third man outside the window
	   of Jacques' cabin.
	A: The third man took Laura and Ronette to the train car, where
	   they were tied up. Laura for the 2nd time, Ronette for the 1st.
	C: Using a blunt object, the killer hit Ronette and knocked her
	   unconscious. He must've been so intent on killing Laura, he
	   didn't realize Ronette regained consciousness and escaped.
	A: He either didn't know or he didn't care. He made a small mound
	   of dirt and put the half heart necklace of Laura's on top. He
	   then placed a small cut out letter R under the nail of her
	   left ring finger. You'll recall he placed the letter T under
	   the fingernail of Theresa Banks. He, uh, left a note written in
	   blood, "Fire, walk with me."
	C: Here's the interesting thing. The blood on the note was tested.
	   It doesn't match Leo's, Jacques', Laura's or Ronette's.
	A: So we surmise the killer wrote the note in his own blood. The
	   rare type, AB negative. The towel that Deputy Hawk found five
	   miles down the tracks was soaked in blood of that type. He
	   also found, near the towel, scraps of faded paper.
	C: The scraps may have been left by the killer. They'll be sent
	   back to Washington DC for testing.
	{Andy cries}
	A: I know, Andy, I know, I know, I know. It's what we call a real
	   three hanky crime.
	Andy: Albert Rosenfeld. I don't like the way you talk smart about
	      Sherrif Truman or anybody. You just shut your mouth! {Exits}
	C: Laura Palmer is dead. Jacques Renault is dead. Ronette
	   Pulaski and Leo Johnson are in comas. Waldo the bird is dead.
	   This leaves only the third man.
   -- Truman gives Pete a ride home. P: This smoke inhalation is nasty
      business. I feel like somebody taped my lips to the tailpipe
      of a bus.
      Josie left a note; she went to Seattle, she goes shopping every 3
      months. An Asian man calls, asking for her, then he makes a collect
      call to Hong Kong.
   -- Ben and Jerry meet with Hank. Hank confirms he put Catherine in the mill
      and they hope to frame the arson on her and Leo.
   -- Audrey meets with Blackie, she's not pleased with her not satisfying the

   -- Donna calls Norma about taking over Laura's Meals on Wheels route.
      She'll use the RR station wagon.
   -- At the Hayward Supper Club, Gersten plays the piano and Harriet
      recites a poem:
        "It was Laura
        And I saw her glowing.
        In the dark woods,
        I saw her smiling.

        We were crying
        And I saw her laughing.
        In our sadness,
        I saw her dancing.

        It was Laura
        Living in my dreams.

        It was Laura.
        The glow was life.
        Her smile was to say
        It was all right to cry.

        The woods was our sadness.
        The dance was her calling.
        It was Laura
        And she came to kiss me goodbye."
      Donna sits on her hands. Leland sings "Get Happy" and collapses.

   11:55 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper goes to bed. C to D: I'm dog tired. A man can only go long
	without submitting to a period of rest. As we know from experiments
	conducted on American GI's during the Korean War, sleep deprivation
	is a one way ticket to temporary psychosis. And I'm working on a
	3 day jag.
   -- Audrey prays for Cooper
   -- The Giant returns:
      G: "Sorry to wake you."
      C: "I'm not dreaming."
      G: "I forgot to tell you something."
      C: "You were right about the smiling bag."
      G: "The things I tell you will not be wrong. Better to listen then to
      C: "I believe you."
      G: "Don't search for all the answers at once.  A path is formed by
	laying one stone at a time. One person saw the third man. Three have
	seen him, yes. But not his body. One only. Known to you. Ready now to
	talk. One more thing: you forgot something."
      C: "What?"
      { Flash of green gets zapped into Coop. He lies alone in the dark,
      blinking.  }
   -- Ronnette has a vision of Bob and Laura

04 Mar (Saturday)   [Episode 2002 - 10/6/90
		     Written by Harley Peyton
		     Directed by David Lynch]

   -- Cooper talks to Albert about Tibet over breakfast:
      C: Buddhist tradition first came to the land of snow in the fifth
	century AD. The first Tibetan came to be touched by the Dharma was
	King Hathatha Rignamputsan. He and succeeding generations came to be
	collectively called the Happy Generations. Now some historians place
	them in the Water Snake Year, two-thirteen AD; others in the year
	of the water ox 173 AD. Amazing isn't it? The Happy Generations.
      A: Agent Cooper, I am thrilled to pieces that the Dharama came to King
	Hohoho, I really am, but right now I am trying hard to focus on the
 	more immediate problems of our own century right in Twin Peaks.
      C: Albert, you'd be surprised at the connection between the two.
      A: Color me amazed.
      Albert tells of Cooper's ex-partner Windom Earle escaping from a mental
      institution. The Asian man watches Cooper drink coffee.

   -- Donna delivers a meal to Mrs. Tremont. Her grandson makes the creamed
      corn disappear. "Sometimes things can happen just like this."
	"She seemed like a very nice girl."
   -- Cooper and Truman see Ronnette and wrestle with the stools. They show
      sketches of Leo and Bob to her. She reacts violently to the second.
      "Tr- tr- tr-"
   -- Ben and Jerry contemplate over which ledger to burn then decide to roast
   -- Andy fights scotch tape at the RR. The log lady enters and tells the
      Major to "deliver the message."
   -- Andy tells Lucy he's sterile
   -- Hank sees Cooper and Truman, signs his parole form. Hank was a Bookhouse
      Boy. Ben calls: Audrey's missing.
   -- Jerry shows Ben the unsigned insurance policy. Ben calls Einar Thorson -
      Leland's already called. Leland recognizes Bob; he lived next door to his
      grandfather. J: Is this real Ben? Or some twisted dream?

   8:08 (clock on wall)
   -- Shelley sees Leo on life support. Norma's waiting to drive her home.
   -- Lucy gets a call but hangs up on him because he remains anonymous
   -- At OEJ, Audrey questions Battis. He recruited Laura and Ronnette to work
      at OEJ. Laura used drugs one weekend so they got rid of her.
   -- Bobby and Shelley scheme over Leo

   -- Cooper reports Windom Earle's flight to Diane. The Major visits.
      BRIGGS: I have a message for you.
      COOPER: From whom?
      BRIGGS: I'm not at liberty to reveal the nature of my work. This
	secrecy pains me from time to time. Any bureaucracy that
	functions in secret inevitably lends itself to corruption.
	But these rules I have pledged to uphold and I believe a
	pledge is sacred.
      Briggs shows Cooperthe message: /THE/OWLS/ARE/NOT/WHAT/THEY/SEEM/
   -- James sings with Donna and Maddy. James and Maddy exchange looks, Donna
      gets jealous, then gets a call from Harold Smith. Maddy sees Bob.
   -- Cooper is awaken from a dream by a call from Audrey. She is caught by
-- "Are you suggesting there is something... irregular at work here?" Edwin Nomura