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Subject: TP - The ^Twin Peaks^ Timeline: 2008 - 2011
From: (-=+!***Slayer***!+=-)
Date: 1991-01-06, 12:59

Here are the last 4 episodes aired. I don't have 2003 - 2007 ready yet,
and I will post that as soon as I can.
Thanks to those who transcribed scenes.
Corrections and transcribed scenes to me at:


10 Mar Friday   [Episode 2008 - 11/17/90
		 Written by Scott Frost
	     	 Directed by Caleb Deschanel]

   -- Leland plays indoor golf. Donna and James drop by and miss their chance
      to say goodbyw to Maddy. Leland says he dropped Maddy off at the bus
      station not 20 minutes ago. Leland excuses himself and talks to Sarah.
      After Donna and James leave, Leland packs the club into his bag
      (Maddy's in there) and leaves. His license plate says "The Timber State"
   -- Ben brushes his teeth in his cell when Jerry arrives back from Japan.
      Ben says he was with Catherine the night Laura died. Ben and Jerry
      reminisce about Louise Dombrowski dancing with a flashlight.
   -- Lucy's back with her sister Gwen

   10:03 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper and Truman come across Leland dancing with his golf club.
      Truman tells Leland Ben's been arrested. Cooper asks him to get back
      to him if he remembers anything about Ben.
	T: Everything OK?
	C: I'm not sure.

   Late morning
   -- Doc Hayward takes a blood sample from Ben. Jerry defends, and Cooper
      and Truman question him.
   -- Bobby makes a copy of Leo's tape and writes a letter for Ben
   -- Norma's mom Vivien arrives with her new husband Ernie, a financial
      anaylist. He says he's through with gambling, but leaves a paper on
      the counter and Norma sees "$1000 Houston by 3 points" written on it.
   -- The OAM ("he's close...") bumps the deputy and escapes from his room
   -- Hank returns to the RR and smooth talks Norma
   -- Harry and Pete look through a pair of binoculars at a pileated
      woodpecker. They trade stories about Josie and get funny feelings.
      Truman leaves with Cooper. The OAM is missing.
   -- Andy sees Lucy with Gwen's baby and faints

   1:40 (?) (Ben's watch)
   -- Pete delivers a voice message to Ben from Catherine. She'll testify
      for the mill. Ben throws a tantrum.
   -- Leland sings "Surry With a Fringe on Top" while driving. Cooper's
      whistling the same tune in a different key. They nearly collide.
      Truman pulls Leland over and they chat. Leland mentions Ben made a
      phone call at 10 pm the night Laura died and mentioned a "derry"
      or diary. Leland offers to show Cooper his new clubs and appears
      to almost whack Cooper with one when Truman calls him away - they
      found the OAM, near the waterfall.

   -- Hawk brings in the OAM to the station. Lucy attends to Andy while
      while Gwen gabs. Andy tells Lucy about his sperm.
   -- The OAM examines Ben. Truman charges Ben with the murder of Laura.
      The OAM is taken to back to hotel. Cooper tells Truman he doesn't
      think Ben didi it.

   8:30 (Vivien to Hank)
   -- Norma, Hank, Ernie and Vivien have dinner together, Hank's got a
      new domino - double 4. When the ladies are in the powder room, Hank
      and Ernie talk. They were prison buddies. Ernie Niles, "The
      Professor," got out 6 months ago. He met Vivien at a Republican
      fund raiser. He says he doesn't gamble anymore.

   11:05 (clock on table)
   -- Audrey visits Cooper. Cooper gets a call.
   -- Cooper and Truman identify Maddy's body

11 Mar (Saturday)   [Episode 2009 - 12/1/90
		     Written by Mark Frost, Harley Peyton and Robert Engles
		     Directed by Tim Hunter]

   -- Albert reports: letter O under Maddy's fingernail, fur in her hand
      from a dead, stuffed fox. Cooper asks for 24 hours to finish it.
      Albert:	Cooper...
	      ... an observation.  I don't know where this is headed, but the
	only one of us with the coordinates for this destination in his
	hardware is you.  Go on whatever vision quest you require.  Stand on
	the rim of the volcano, stand alone and do your dance.  Just find
	this beast before he takes another bite.
      Cooper:	  God help me, I don't know where to start.
      Hawk:	You're on the path.  You don't need to know where it leads.
        Just follow...
   -- James gives Donna a ring. Donna mentions last night.
   -- Vivien doesn't like Norma's eggs.
   -- Andy's French surprises Donna
   -- Donna, Cooper, and Andy arrive at the Tremonds. A younger Mrs. Tremond
      answers the door. Her mother passed away 3 years ago and she has no
      children. She has a letter addressed to Donna that was in her mail
      the morning after Harold died. It's a page from Laura's diary:
	February 22.  Last night I had the strangest dream. I was in a
	red room with a small man, dressed in red, and an old man
	sitting in a chair.  I tried to talk to him.  I wanted to tell
	him who BOB is, because I thought he could help me.  But my
	words came out slow and odd.  It was frustrating trying to talk.
	I got up and walked to the old man.  Then I leaned over and
	whispered the secret in his ear.
	Somebody has to stop BOB.  BOB's only afraid of one man.  He
	told me once.  A man named Mike.  I wonder if this was Mike in
	my dream.  Even if it was only a dream, I hope he heard me.  No
	one in the real world would believe me.
	February 23.  Tonight is the night that I die.  I know I have
	to because it's the only way to keep BOB away from me.  The
	only way to tear him out from inside.  I know he wants me.  I
	can feel his fire.  But if I die he can't hurt me anymore.
   -- Cooper questions the OAM who says, "you have all the clues you need."
   -- Cooper, standing in a hall at the Great Northern, thinking hard,
      sees the waiter. "I know about you. That milk'll cool down on you
      but it's getting warmer now."
   -- Cooper, Truman and Albert examine Ben's office. Albert says Maddy
      was killed the night before last between 10 and 12. He also has
      Ben's blood test results.

   12:43 pm (clock on wall)
   -- Andy calls Dick while Lucy watches - they need to talk
   -- Tojamura sees Ben. He wants the contract signed or the money
      returned. Ben signs it and Tojamura reveals his true identity.
   -- Leland comes home to Donna. She's got a tape of her, Maddy and James
      singing for Maddy. Leland recognizes Laura's shades on Donna and
      she mentions Laura's secret diary. Leland gets a call from Beth -
      Maddy never made it home. He chews gum, dances with Donna, and hugs
      her hard. Truman's at the door for Leland.
   -- Donna tells James about Maddy. He leaves her crying.

12 Mar Sunday

   3:00 am (clock on wall)
   -- At the Roadhouse, Ben eats nuts. Cooper and Truman are at the bar.
      Truman brings Leland, Ed arrives and they clear the room. Hawk brings
      Bobby and Leo. Major Briggs brings the waiter, who gives Cooper a
      stick of gum. Leland: I know that gum. That's my most favorite gum
      in the world. Cooper remembers: Laura: "My father killed me." The
      Giant gives Cooper his ring back.
   3:55 (clock on wall)
   -- Cooper and Truman trick Leland into a cell. He freaks.
   -- At gunpoint, Leland is cuffed and read his rights. Leland/Bob
      confesses to killing Laura and Maddy. He mentions Pittsburgh and
      Cooper is noticeably shaken.

   Early morning
   -- Dick and Andy listen to Lucy. Dick smokes.
   -- Cooper tells his story of how the answer was staring him in the
      face all this time - Leland's dancing, grey hair, Robertson, the
      letters, the secret diary. Leland recites Mike's poem and Bob's
      response. The sprinklers go off and Leland rams his head into the door.
      Cooper: Call an ambulence! 
      Leland: Oh God! Laura! I killed her. Oh my God, I killed my daughter.
	I didn't know. Forgive me. Oh God. I was just a boy. I saw him
	in my dream. He said he wanted to play. He opened me and I
	invited him and he came inside me. When he was inside, I
	didn't know. When he was gone, I couldn't remember. He made me
	do things. Terrible things. He said he wanted lives. He wanted
	others, others that they could use, like they used me.
      Cooper: Like Laura.
      Leland: They wanted her. But she was strong. She fought. She wouldn't
	let him in. Oh God. They had me kill that girl, Theresa. And
	they said if I didn't give them Laura, they'd have me kill
	her, too.
      Cooper: But she wouldn't let them in.
      Leland: They said she'd die before she'd let them. Then they made me
	kill her. Oh God, have mercy on me. What have I done? What
	have I done? Oh God. I love her. I love her with all my heart.
	My angel, forgive me.
      Cooper: Leland. Leland, the time has come for you to seek the path.
	Your soul has set you face to face with the clear light and
	you are now about to experience it in its reality. Wherein all
	things are like the void and cloudless sky and the naked
	spotless intellect is like a transparent vacuum, without
	circumference or center. Leland, in this moment, know yourself
	and abide in that state. Look to the light, Leland. Find the
      Leland: I see it.
      Cooper: Into the light, Leland. Into the light.
      Leland: I see... Her. She's there.
      Cooper: Into the light, Leland.
      Leland: She's beautiful.
      Cooper: Into the light.
      Leland: Laura?
      Cooper: Don't be afraid.

   -- Cooper, Albert and Truman, on the path, meet Briggs and they discuss

15 Mar Wednesday   [Episode 2010 - 12/8/90
		    Written by Tricia Brook
		    Directed by Tina Rathborne

   -- Cooper explains to Sarah what happened the night Maddy died and
      Leland's final moments
   -- Leland's wake. Dr. Jacoby's back from Hawaii. Mayor Dwayne Milford
      pulls his brother Dougie's ear. Dougie owns the newspaper and is
      engaged to be married. The Mayor first ran for that office in '62.
      Cooper to Truman: Harry, I'm really gonna miss this place.
   -- Dr. Jacoby and Ed ask to have 35 year old Nadine admitted to school
   -- Audrey sees Cooper, who tells his tale of Earle.
   -- Bobby puts on Leo's clothes and goes to see Ben
   -- Catherine talks to Harry. She says a guardian angel saved her and
      directed her to the summer cabin on Pearl Lakes. There appears to
      be an owl-shaped smudge on her cheek.
   -- Dick talks to Lucy while she's replacing ceiling light bulbs. Andy
      offers to be friends.
   -- Cooper says goodbye to Truman, who gives him a green butt skunk hook
      and a Bookhouse Boy patch. He says goodbye to Hawk, Andy and Lucy,
      when Roger Hardy arrives with a mountie and tells Cooper he has been
      suspended from the FBI.
   -- Audrey gets Bobby in to see Ben, but gets kicked out. They go to
      get ice cream. B: Cup or cone? A: Mmmm...cone. I like to lick.
   -- Roger and the mountie question Cooper, who surrenders his gun and
      badge. They only knew of two deaths, and Cooper didn't know about
      Battis. Truman stands up for Cooper.
   -- Nadine Butler tries out for cheerleading
   -- Shelley brushes Leo's teeth. Bobby calls, Leo moves.

   -- Vivien reveals herself to Norma, who kicks her out.
   -- Hank brings Ernie to Jean at OEJ. Jean's assistant is the mountie -
      he'll put some of the stolen cocaine in Cooper's car
   -- Josie, injured, returns to Truman's place
   -- Cooper and Briggs around a campfire:
      COOPER: At the time I did what I thought was right. I must now face
	the consequences.
      BRIGGS: You can do no more.
      (Cooper and Major Briggs, roasting marshmallows over a campfire.)
      COOPER: You know, Major, I find myself thinking a lot about BOB.
	If he truly exists.
      BRIGGS: Yes, I've pondered that same question continuously since this
	horror was revealed.
      COOPER:	I try to imagine him out there, incarnate, looking for
	another victim to inhabit.
      BRIGGS:	There are powerful forces of evil in the world. It is some
	men's fate to face great darkness. We each choose how to react.
	If the choice is fear, then we become vulnerable to darkness.
	There are ways to resist. You, sir, were blessed with certain
	gifts. In this respect, you are not alone. Have you ever heard
	of the White Lodge?
      COOPER: The White Lodge. No, I don't believe I have.
      (Briggs appears to ponder what he should say about this.)
      (Angle on the woods from the point of view of some unknown entity,
      moving through the woods.)
      COOPER:	Major, I'm going to take a moment here. I feel the call of
        nature. There's nothing quite like urinating out in the open air. I
	look forward to hearing more about this White Lodge.
	(Cooper moves off into the woods. Major Briggs laughs, gives
	the departing Cooper a "thumb's-up".)
	When I return. From my journey.
      (Lingering on Briggs, who looks off in the direction of Cooper's
      exit with a speculative expression. An owl hoots. Major Briggs looks
      up, alarmed.)
      (Cooper urinating in the woods. An owl hoots in the tree above him.
      Cooper watches the owl. Suddenly a brilliant white light appears
      behind him. Cooper turns toward the light.)
      (Angle on Briggs, bathed in blinding white light.)
      (A robed figure appears in the light, backlit. No features are visible.)
      (Cooper dashes through the woods to the camp site. The Major is gone.)
      COOPER: Major Briggs? MAJOR?
      (Cooper looks at the light. It seems to be receding into the woods.
      Cooper runs toward it. He reaches the top of a small hill and freezes,
      looking into the light. The light blinks out.)

16 Mar Thursday   [Episode 2011 - 12/15/90
		   Written by
		   Directed by Duwayne Dunham]

   -- James cycles
   -- Mrs. Briggs talks to Cooper and Truman about her husnad's disappearence.
      Being "in the woods is significant," he "talks about them constantly."
      He left notes by his bedside table so she'll call back later.
   -- Andy and Hawk found a present for Mr. & Mrs. Milford
   -- Gordon calls from Bend (a temp patches him through - Lucy's helping
      with the wedding). Dennis Bryson from the DEA will be arriving.
   -- Cooper presents no defense to Roger
   -- Nadine asks Donna about Mike
   -- James cycles to Wallies and meets Evelyn Marsh

   12:18 pm (clock on wall)
   -- Andy leaves flowers for Lucy
   -- Dick brings Nicky, his charge from Happy Helping Hand, to the station.
      Andy offers him a malt.
   -- Cooper, Truman, and Hawk discuss the White Lodge:
      HAWK: Cooper, you may be fearless in this world, but there are other
      COOPER: Tell me more.
      HAWK: My people believe that the White Lodge is a place where the
	spirits that rule man and nature here reside.
      TRUMAN: Local legend. Goes way back.
      HAWK: There is also a legend of a place called the Black Lodge...
	the shadow-self of the White Lodge. The legend says that
	every spirit must pass through there on the way to perfection.
	There, you will meet your own shadow-self. My people call
	it "The Dweller on the Threshhold." 
      COOPER: "The Dweller on the Threshhold..."
      HAWK: But it is said, if you confront the Black Lodge with imperfect
	courage, it will utterly annihilate your soul.
   -- Dennis arrives. He and Cooper worked together in Oakland. An RCMP
      officer says he stole drugs.
   -- Nadine leg presses 600 lbs.
   -- Josie tells Harry about Eckhart. He took her off the streets in Hong Kong
      at 16 and taught her about life and business. She was afraid for her
      life when she met Andrew, a business aprtner. She says she believes
      Eckhart is responsible for Andrew's death. She escaped from the airport
      at Seattle.
   -- Roger has pie at the RR (story on Leland in his paper)
   -- Hank and Ernie return. When Norma asks Ernie if he caught anything, he
      spins a tale she doesn't buy. Vivien's returned to Seattle.
   -- Nicky blows whip cream in Dick's face and spins Andy's seat
   -- James looks at Evelyn's '48 Jaguar. Her husband, Jeffrey, travels
      extensively. She'll provide room and board while he works on the car.
   -- Ben watches old footage of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Great
      Northern. Hank arrives: Ben, I have had an absolutely killer schedule.
      Ben wants to rearrange furniture. Hank tells him OEJ has been taken
      over. Ben makes shadow figures.
   -- Cooper gets an envelope from Windom Earle. P to Q4.
      "Of course, you couldn't help but take note of my emphatically
      traditional opening. I must say, your responding move was nothing
      if not reflective of your predilection for the tidy and fastidious.
      See how my response to you begins to lead us towards a classical
      confrontation? But there's doubt in your mind: what are my true
      intentions? How will you answer this time? Hobgoblins, Dale...
      consistency...predictability, giving rise to patterns. We both
      know only too well how these patterns leave you vulnerable to
      attack. You with your wounds, I with mine, let me paint you a
      picture: my knights will skirmish, lanes of power and influence
      will open through my bishops and rooks, pawns will naturally
      be forfeit. I'm even prepared to sacrifice my queen because,
      I assure you, dear Dale, my goal will be attained at any cost;
      the king must die!"
   -- The Milford wedding. Dwayne objects.
   -- Dennis tells Cooper s/he found cocaine in Cooper's car and explains
      what happened.
   -- Cooper dances with Audrey, Andy with Denise
   -- Josie tells Catherine Thomas Echhart killed Andrew and she should be
      careful. Catherine employs Josie as her maid. Andrew's alive:
      "Everything's going exactly as we planned." He and Catherine will be
      waiting for Eckhart.
-- "Are you suggesting there is something... irregular at work here?" Edwin Nomura