Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: there was no 1/5 show
From: (Erik D. Olson)
Date: 1991-01-07, 08:42

To all the people who've been writing "Uh Oh, looks like Twin Peaks is
cancelled!" --

OK, come on you guys, don't you watch any other TV other than Twin Peaks?
What's beein going on with almost every TV show over the last month?
RIGHT! Reruns!  It's become an American institution to have a series of
reruns for three or so weeks around Christmas so that the shows can get
ahead on their shooting schedule again.  But Think:  Wouldn't it be kind
of stupid for Twin Peaks to have three weeks of reruns shuffled in among
the new episodes?  Wouldn't this somehow break the continuity of the series?
(I'll bet that they rerun the whole series in order during the summer.)
Anyhow, I've said what I wanted to; you can go back to telling us for the
fiftieth time how there was no show last Saturday (though there WAS a trailer
for next week's episode).

   - Erik
-- Erik D. Olson Quoth the raven... "Eat my shorts!" "BART!!!"