Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TPless Saturdays
From: swk004@muvms3.bitnet
Date: 1991-01-07, 08:07

My thoughts on TPless Saturdays....


So far I've coped, but it has been expensive.

This past Saturday, we went out in search of a life.  Dinner, a 
movie and dancing (Chinese, Dances with Wolves and not-very-good
music, if you're interested).  Considerably more expensive than
coffee and cherry pie in front of the tube.

The Saturday before I was forced to visit my in-laws since I lacked
a suitable excuse.  TP depression was not considered an adequate
excuse.  Six-hundred miles one-way and week in a large city.  Even
more expensive than the above.

The Saturday before that, I embarked on a holiday shopping frenzy.
Considerably more money was spent than if I had left earlier in 
order to make the cherry pie in time for TP.

I'm so excited about this next Saturday, that I'm going to make
both cherry pie AND chocolate bunnies.  So there.