Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Albert interview on radio
From: (Steve Eiswirth)
Date: 1991-01-09, 15:07

I caught most of Larry King interviewing Miguel Ferrer (Albert Rosenfield)
on King's late night radio show on 8-JAN.  Much of the discussion centered
on Twin Peaks, but Ferrer never revealed any really juicy or previously
unknown tidbits.  The most memorable points were:

- He believes that TP will be back for a third season (of course, maybe
he just said that to appease TP fans who were listening).
- He said that all the actors/actresses feel that they have special roles,
and that there is no really major star on the show and that everyone
really enjoys working for Lynch/Frost.
- He said that he will be on the show from time to time, and that he does
NOT know if BOB will be back, but he suspects that BOB will be back.
- He acknowledged the low ratings, but reiterated what TP producers and
ABC officials have said, and that is that TP is intensely and loyally
followed by fairly intelligent, middle and upper income people, and that
most of them are not home when they tape the show, thus resulting in
relatively poor ratings.
- He said that the actors/actresses have been shredding their scripts after
every shooting session because obscessed fans have been going through the
garbage at the studios looking at scripts.
- He said that many scenes are shot, and the actors/actresses usually do
not know which scenes will be aired.

All in all, a fairly interesting interview.  However, King was his usual
self in that he constantly fawned over the interviewee, and even admitted
that he rarely saw an episode.