Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: ethereal coffee
From: (Paul Graham)
Date: 1991-01-09, 21:06
Newsgroups: (elizabeth e. leclair) writes:
|   Quoted from _Strong Coffee_, a Chicago coffee-house art-article-poetry
|    One of the endearing qualities of the FBI agent played by Kyle
|     MacLachlan on the television series "Twin Peaks" is his now-
|    famous sincerely-expressed appreciation of good coffee.
|In a rather tangential note, I note that Strong Coffee has a continuing
|column called "The Teachings of Baba Java: Path to Coffee Consciousness."
|It includes a distinctly Buddhist guru tutoring the adept in the ways
|and lore of caffienated enlightenment.  I reproduce some of it here, 
|knowing that Coop would surely approve:

following this tangent i am reminded of james blaylock's description of
the riverboat coffee in _the case of the disappearing dwarf_.  (i
belive that's the one.)  although i don't usually drink coffee that
description (which, if i had the book handy, i'd type in) certainly made
me crave a cup of joe.  i wonder if lynch has seen that particular
paean to the bean.

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