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Subject: TP: Frequently Answered Questions
From: (Janet M. Swisher)
Date: 1991-01-09, 12:38

[Just one new question, plus a few fixed typos that I didn't flag with

Last revision: 1/9/91

(Many of these concern what various people said.  Many thanks to Bart
J. Geraci, the man with the closed caption decoder.)

WARNING: This article may contain references to any episode up to and
including the most recent one shown in the U.S.  

New or changed lines begin with #.

#Meta-question #0:  Why should we accept the closed captions as
#	authoritative?  Don't the people who enter the captions just
#	type what *they* hear?  
#--The closed captions for most pre-recorded network shows that have
#	them are created from scripts.  Despite all the script-secrecy
#	surrounding Twin Peaks, it is reasonable to assume that TP's
#	captions are created the same way.

1. What's this "secret diary" that everybody keeps referring to?  
--_The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer_ was written by Jennifer Lynch
	(David's daughter), and is published in the U.S by Pocket
	Books, and in the U.K. by Penguin Books.  It's supposed to be the
	text of the diary that was discovered in the second season of
	the show.  

2. a) What language was the little boy with the creamed corn speaking?
-- French
   b) What did he say?
-- J'ai une ame solitaire: I have a solitary soul.  (This is according
	to the closed captions, so we don't want to know what your
	friend who had three years of French thought it was.)
   c) Didn't he look an awful lot like David Lynch?
-- Yes, that's because he's Austin Jack Lynch, David Lynch's son.
   (For handy reference, look at Gordon Cole (Cooper's boss): he's played
   by David Lynch.)

3. What was that ditty Leland was singing, and what does it mean?
-- The full lyrics of the song are:

	Mairzy doats and dozy doats
	and little lambzy divy.
	A kiddly divy, too, wooden shoe?

	Now if the words sounds queer,
	and funny to your ear,
	a little bit jumbled and jivy,

	Mares eat oats and does eats oats
	and little lambs eat ivy.
	A kid'll eat ivy, too, wouldn't you?

   If necessary, go look up "mare," "doe" and "kid" in the dictionary.

4. Wasn't the Giant also on Star Trek: The Next Generation?
-- Yes, he is Carel Struycken, who played Mr. Homm.  No, he did not
	play Lurch on the Adams Family (although it has been reported
	that he will play Lurch in an upcoming AF movie).

5. Who was standing outside the window while Josie was seducing Harry?
-- The majority of posters believe it was the Mysterious Asian
	Gentleman, also known as "Jonathan", Josie's "cousin" from
	Hong Kong.  Those who have suggested other people are pushing it.

6. What were the three predictions that the giant made to Cooper?
-- a man in a smiling bag
   the owls are not what they seem
   without chemicals, he points

   The giant also said something about "Leo locked in a hungry horse,"
	and that there was a clue at Leo's house.  However, these were
	not the "predictions" which will be fulfilled before Cooper
	gets his ring back.  The former refers to the fact that Leo
	was in jail in Hungry Horse, Montana when Theresa Banks was
	killed, and the latter refers to the Circle Brand boots that
	were found with the cocaine at Leo's house.

7. Has anybody mentioned the possible connection between:
   * BOB and J. R. "Bob" Dobbs of the Church of the Subgenius?
   * All the donuts they eat on Twin Peaks, and JFK's "Ich bin ein
	Berliner" speech?  What he literally said was "I am a jelly
   * Agent Dale Cooper and D.B. Cooper, the guy who hijacked a plane
	and then parachuted over Washington State with a whole bunch
	of money and was never found?  
   * Ben and Jerry Horne and Ben and Jerry's brand ice cream (in one
	scene the brothers Horne are even shown eating ice cream)?
   * Sarah's vision of a white horse and Mr. Ed?
   *   "       "    "  "   "    "     "  Laura' pony, Troy?
   *   "       "    "  "   "    "     "  Death, which "rides a pale
   *   "       "    "  "   "    "     "  heroin, also known as "white
					 horse" (maybe Leland/BOB shot
					 her up with heroin)?
-- Yes for all of the above.

8. What was the poem that "Mike" recited in Cooper's dream, and later
	at the police station?
-- "Through the darkness of future past
    the magician longs to see
    one chants out between two worlds
    'Fire walk with me.'"

   (There has been much debate over whether the second-to-last line is
	"one chants out" or "one chance out".  The closed captions
	indicate "chants".)  

9. How were the funny voices in the dream sequence done?  
-- Before shooting the scene, the actors were recorded reading their
	lines.  The recording was then played to them backwards, and
	they memorized how to imitate it.  Each shot in the scene was
	acted in reverse order, with the actors saying their
	"backwards" lines.  The film was then reversed so that the
	actions came out in the right order, and the words came out
	double-reversed.  Unfortunately, the words weren't very
	intelligible, so subtitles were added.

10. What year is the show set in?
-- References in the first season placed it in 1989.  However, _The
	Secret Diary of Laura Palmer_ places the action in 1990.
	Sources on the production team (i.e., Scott Frost) indicate
	that it's been sort of miraculously moved up to 1990.
	Apparently, the producers and directors have trouble keeping
	track of what day it's supposed to be in Twin Peaks, never
	mind what year.

11. Maddy notices a burning smell just before she's attacked by
	Leland/BOB.  Didn't Jacoby say he smelled burned oil in the
	hospital when Jacques was killed?  Does this mean that Leland
	was BOB when he killed Jacques?
-- No.  Later, under hypnosis, Jacoby corrected himself and said that
	he smelled the burned smell just before he was attacked at the
	gazebo, but not at the hospital.  However, this does leave
	open the possibility that Jacoby was attacked by BOB.

12. a) Where is Twin Peaks supposed to be? 
-- It's in the State of Washington, but where exactly is not clear.
	In Cooper's initial monolog to Diane as he's driving into
	town, he states that it's five miles south of the Canadian
	border and twelve miles west of the state line.  That would
	seem to place it in the northeast corner of the state.
	However the surrounding geography is like that of the Cascade
	Mountains in western WA.  References to cities such as Seattle
	and Tacoma, but not Spokane, also seem to place it in western
	WA.  The show's creators seem to have smooshed the state so
	that it all fits west of the Cascades.  

	Many of the outdoor shots were filmed in Squonalmie, WA,
	which is in the Cascades, not too far from Seattle.  The
	waterfall is there; the Great Northern Hotel is really the
	Salish Lodge; and the RR Diner is really the Mar-T Diner,
	which really does have heavenly cherry pies.

    b) How big a town is Twin Peaks?
-- Again, that's not exactly clear.  The population sign that's shown
	at station breaks and on the Twin Peaks sound track indicates
	51,201.  However cues in the show seem to indicate that it's
	much much smaller than that.  For instance, it doesn't have a
	resident circuit court judge, which any town of 51K+ in the
	U.S. would; it has a sheriff's department but no police
	department.  On the other hand, it does have its own hospital,
	a fancy department store, and a large hotel.  It seems the
	creators haven't worried too much about being consistent on
	this point.

13. Has anybody noticed that Julee Cruise's "Floating Into The Night"
	album gives special thanks to, among other people, Bob (no
	last name)? 
-- Yes.

14. Is the first season two-hour pilot considered the first episode,
	or is the first one-hour show the first episode?  Do the
	episodes have names?  What the best way of referring to
-- The episodes are not named.  Whether it's the best way or not,
	Lynch/Frost number the episodes with four-digit numbers, where
	the first digit is the season number, and the others are the
	order within that season.  This system was apparently adopted
	after the pilot was produced, so the pilot is 1000, the first
	one-hour episode is 1001, and so on.  However for the second
	season, the two-hour season premiere is 2001. 

15. Can a person's hair really turn white "over night" like Leland's
	did between the first and second seasons?  
--Generally, only folklore supports this ("it happened to a friend of
	a friend of mine").  Since hair above the scalp is dead
	matter, it can't change color without dyes or bleaches.  It's
	possible that a person with mixed gray and dark hair could
	lose all their older, darker hair over a short period of time
	(a few days or weeks) due to a physical or psychological
	trauma, which would leave them with just gray hair.  Or a
	dark-haired person might lose all their dark hairs and grow in
	gray ones over a similar span of time, but "over night" seems
	physically implausible.
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