Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Ads for 1/12 (spoiler?)
From: (Pamela Culbreth)
Date: 1991-01-10, 13:47

Just saw an ad for this Saturday's episode.  Besides showing
the mayor's brother lying dead with his eyes open and the
mayor shouting "She killed him with SEX!"... they show: 
some girl running down the hall out of a room at the Great Northern
in a night gown (it must be the mayor's brother's new wife (and
now widow)) and ...
Cooper telling Audrey that she saved his life and ...
Audrey standing with Cooper and the FBI guy who dresses like a woman
(What's his (or her) name?) and saying "You mean they let
women be agents???" (or something like that).  And the FBI guy
says "Sort of".

The ad starts off by saying "It's been four weeks..." and I thought
to myself "*TELL* me about it!".