Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: How far behind are BBC's screenings?
From: (Richard Hancock)
Date: 1991-01-10, 10:11

/ / (Ed Broom) / 11:29 am  Jan  9, 1991 /

> > What I'd like to know is, just how far ahead (Twin Peaks-wise) are
> > you over there in the States?

The 8th episode in the second season, ie. TP 2008 (the premiere being TP
2001), in which WKLP is revealedi, was shown on US TV on November 17, 1990.

We saw the second season premiere, ie. TP 2001, on Tuesday January 8, 1991,
which means that baring pre-emptions (which are not that common on UK TV) we
should see TP 2008 on Tuesday February 26, 1991, in which case we would be
(excluding any new US pre-emptions) approximately 3 months behind the US.