Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Sherilyn Fenn GIF
From: (Sam Tan)
Date: 1991-01-10, 15:40
Newsgroups:, (Asger H|gsted) writes:

> > Well, if any of you netters out there can spare the time and effort, I sure
> >would like to have a copy of any GIF's of Audrey Horne/Sherilyn Fenn, seeing
> >as how I am since recently a dedicated Twin Peaks freak and a small-time GIF
> >collector.
> >  Thankyou for your time,
> >    hoping to hear from Someone Out There

> > or

I don't know about Sherilyn Fenn, but there is a collection of GIFs scanned 
from an NTSC source available in The path is
/pub/twin-peaks followed by the date of the episode aired.