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Subject: Re: Sherilyn Fenn GIF
From: (Darrin B Jewell)
Date: 1991-01-10, 23:39

   >>I don't know about Sherilyn Fenn, but there is a collection of GIFs scanned 
   >>from an NTSC source available in The path is
   >>/pub/twin-peaks followed by the date of the episode aired.

   >Are you sure this is the right address, I can't seem to access it ??

.... no.. the address is..
   (see my previous post on this subjuct...)
  unfortunately.. there aren't any great pictures of Sherilyn Fenn...
  there is one of her and also one with her father... but neither
  one is very good... 

   If i get a chance to scan any more pictures... i'll try and get
   a better picture of her...

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