Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: there was no 1/5 show
From: car377@druhi.ATT.COM (RogersC)
Date: 1991-01-10, 14:01

In article <>, (Chaz Larson) writes:
> > In article <> (David Barr) writes:
> > |In article <> (Lee Qiao) writes:
> > |>Did anyone catch the Saturday Night Live version of Twin Peaks :-)
> > |
> > |Yeah! Leo did it. He confessed and everything but Agent Cooper refused
> > |to listen to him. :)

I've missed it (the SNL TP spoof) twice now.  I checked Denver local 
AT&T newsgroups to see if anyone had taped it and would loan it to me,
but all I got was replies from other folks who missed it too and want
to get a copy as well.  Does anyone out there have a VHS tape of it?
I'll pay your mailing costs and promise to take good care of it while
I'm copying it if you'll loan it to me for a couple of days.  

Chuck Rogers