Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TPless Saturdays
From: (D Neilson)
Date: 1991-01-10, 06:08

In article <> (Richard Hancock) writes:
> >/ / swk004@muvms3.bitnet /  4:07 pm  Jan  7, 1991 /
> >
>> >> I'm so excited about this next Saturday, that I'm going to make
>> >> both cherry pie AND chocolate bunnies.  So there.
> >
> >I'd recommend Lindt chocolate bunnies if you can get Swiss chocolates in the
> >United States.

and i'm sure agent cooper would recommend valrhona. i just had a square
with 66% cocoa solids (and that ain't the highest concentration).
of course, that is if you can get french chocolate in the u.s.:-)

we just had the first episode of series 2 here. 

interesting in parts but TURGID and annoying at times. 14 minutes for
the dopey old guy to give cooper his milk and vanish was a bit much.
i'm sure lynch was just having a laugh with the devotees.
"so you think this is great, well tell me what 14 minutes of painfully
slow drama means. so you didn't like all the action at the end of series
one. well, this is what it's like at the other extreme."

and a question. is tp shot on film or tape. it looks like tape to me.
someone must *know* on this newsgroup.


"What do I care what your up to with your American Friend."