Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Who is dead?
From: bdowning@otc.East.Sun.COM (Bill Downing - Sun BOS Human Resources)
Date: 1991-01-10, 09:14
Reply-to: bdowning@otc.UUCP ()

> >From: (Tiny Bubbles...)

> >A teaser during Ghostbusters last week showed yet another TP resident --
> >an old one -- dead.  He looks really old -- might be the waiter, but I
> >couldn't quite tell.

> >Did anyone else out there see the commercial?  (I have it on tape -- my
> >VCR tapes every Saturday and it got the movie instead of TP -- but I was
> >still unsure even after freeze-framing it.)
> >--
> >        ... Michael Ho, University of Nebraska

If it's the same teaser I saw, I believe someone in the teaser said that Dougie
was the dead man (I belive Dougie is either the mayor of TP or the mayor's 
buddy)...something was said about his newfound sex life being too much for
him (he just got married)...another interesting bit was Cooper saying some
thing to Audrey to the effect that she probably saved his life....hmmmm.....