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Subject: TP - The ^Twin Peaks^ Timeline: 2003 - 2007
From: (-=+!*Possessed*!+=-)
Date: 1991-01-10, 10:59

Here are the missing episodes from the timeline.
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05 Mar Sunday   [Episode 2003 - 10/13/90
                 Written by Robert Engles
                 Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter]
   6:40 am (clock on wall) 
   -- Ronnette is in the throes of a violent seizure. Truman turns off a
      machine by her bed, then tells Cooper and Albert, who have just arrived,
      that she took out her IV. Cooper pulls out a 'B' from under Ronnette's
   -- Cooper enlightens Albert and Truman about his visitations from the Giant
   12:30 (?) (Harold's watch)
   -- Donna visits Harold, who gives her a flower to put on Laura's grave. He's
      known Laura since she started the Meals on Wheels. She pulls on a piece
      of paper sticking out of a drawer.
   -- Cooper and Truman discuss Bob.                     R   B   T
      Albert reports: the B from Ronnette's             Mrs. Palmer
      finger was from a Fleshworld.           Maddy ----===========---- Cooper
      The cocaine found in James' cycle                   Ronnette
      matches that found in Leo's house and Jacques' car.
      Cooper was shot with a Walther PPK.
      Albert and Truman trade words:
      ALBERT: You listen to me.  While I will admit to a certain cynicism, the
       fact is that I am a nay-sayer and hatchet man in the fight against
       violence.  I pride myself in taking a punch and I'll gladly take
       another, because I choose to live my life in the company of Gandhi and
       King.  My concerns are global.  I reject absolutely revenge,
       aggression, and retaliation.  The foundation of such a
       love. I love you, Sheriff Truman.
      COOPER: Albert's path is a strange and difficult one.
   -- Lucy looks for words with R, B, and T. Richard Tremayne, her lunch date,
      arrives at the station. Hawk offers two more words: prohibited, robot.
   -- Leland drops by and tells Cooper, Truman, and Hawk about the man in the
      sketch - he lived in a white house, across a vacant lot from his
      grandfather's place on Pearl Lakes. His name was Robertson and he used
      to flick matches at him, "you wanna play with fire, little boy?" Leland
      flicks a match nicely himself into an ashtray. Cooper picks it up and
      blows it out.
   -- At the RR, Lucy and Dick have words over lunch. They used to go out every
      Thursday night for three months, but he hasn't called in 6 weeks, since
      their encounter in Horne's Home Furnishings. She tells him of her
   -- James and Maddy discuss Donna. She arrives at an opportune moment, while
      they're holding hands, and storms out.
   -- Emory videotapes Audrey as Blackie shoots her up
   -- The OAM shows shoes to Truman, sees the sketch of Bob, gets dizzy
      and heads for the bathroom
   -- Shelley drops by the station and tells Cooper and Truman she won't give
      a statement against Leo. Cooper smells an insurance scam and wonders
      who's behind it.
   -- The OAM has spasms in the toilet stall, flushes the toilet and the
      spasms cease. He drops his needle. Mike takes over.
   -- Cooper meets Ben at the Great Northern, who tells him to watch his step
      with Audrey. The Asian Man watches and follows Cooper.
   -- Jean Renault gives Audrey some English caramel
   -- Emory recognizes Cooper on the monitor. Jean and Nancy, Blackie's sister,
      arrive. They and Blackie scheme. Jean wants Cooper and Blackie wants
      money. He'll be the go-between for 30%.
   -- Truman gets a call from Pete - Josie will be back tommorow afternoon.
      Hawk has information about the white house - it's boarded up and no name
      on the mailbox. Truman tells Cooper about the OAM and flinches when
      Cooper reminds him that in his dream, the OAM knew Bob. Cooper finds the
      needle in the bathroom.
   4:15 (?) (clock on wall)
   -- Ed visits Nadine who is strapped to her bed. He sings to her, and she
      breaks her straps and wakes up. She's 18.
   -- Cooper and Truman visit Jacoby in his hospital room. His wife is there.
      Hypnotized, he says he smelled engine oil at the park, and he saw
      Jacques' killer
   Night (full moon)
   -- Donna brings Harold's flower to Laura's grave and has a one-way
      converstion with her
   -- James sees Maddy at the Palmer home. He's depressed since his mom came
      home. Donna once again catches them at another opportune moment.
   -- Maddy cries to Leland, "Everybody thinks I'm Laura, but I'm not!"
      Cooper and Truman arrive to arrest Leland for the murder of Jacques.
   -- Donna goes over to Harold's and finds Laura's secret diary next to a
06 Mar Monday   [Episode 2004 - 10/20/90
                 Written by Jerry Stahl and Mark Frost,
                            Harley Peyton, Robert Engles
                 Directed by Todd Holland]
   Early morning
   -- Cooper and Truman question Leland, who admits to killing Jacques
   -- Doc Hayward and Andy discuss Andy's sterility. Doc asks for another
      sample. Andy, with a copy of Fleshworld, runs into Lucy on the way to the
   -- Truman tells Cooper no one named Robertson ever lived in the white house.
      Andy runs into a deputy, "Sorry, Bob." Cooper notices Andy's wearing
      Circle Brand Boots
   "Not even 9:30" (Ben to Louie)
   -- Louie tells Ben that travel critic M. T. Wentz is coming to town
   -- Jean, who "sells insurance to small businesses," visits Ben with the
      video of Audrey and the condition that Cooper bring the ransom money
   -- Donna picks up lunches from the RR
   -- Norma tells Hank about M. T. Wentz. He says there's enough time and takes
   -- At Harold's, he shows Donna the secret diary and reads from it. Donna
      suggests giving it to the sheriff but Harold disagrees.
   -- Ben shows the Audrey video to Cooper and asks him to deliver the money
   -- Josie returns
   -- At OEJ, Emory brings Audrey to Jean. Audrey says Emory hit him. Jean
      kills Emory.
   -- Andy approaches Lucy. Cooper has a talk with her.
   -- Cooper asks Harry a favor. He needs the best Bookhouse Boy.
   -- M.T. Wentz to arrive today
                                                                                7:05 (clock on wall) (1/2 moon)
   -- Hank and Norma patronize a large man at the RR. Hank lifts his billfold
      and finds it is Daryl Lodwick, District Attorney.
   -- Donna meets Maddy at the RR and asks her help in getting the secret diary
   -- Harry confronts Josie about the mill, she seduces him on the couch.
      A mystery man watches outside the window in the rain (Asian man?).
   -- Judge Clinton Sternwood arrives at the station and meets Lucy, Cooper
      and the sheriff.
   -- Dick Tremayne arrives, offers Lucy money for an abortion, and is kicked
      out by her.
   -- Andy, who overhears Lucy crying, brings in Leland to meet with the Judge.
      Sid arrives.
   -- Ben bows to Mr. Tojamura who checks in. Louie calls Norma - she thinks
      it's M. T. Wentz.
   -- Josie introduces her cousin Jonathan to Pete. Jonathan tells Josie her
      job is to sell the mill and she is expected in Hong Kong by Mr. Eckard.
   -- Truman meets Cooper at the Roadhouse.
   -- Hank at the RR gets a visit from the Asian man and is beaten up.
07 Mar Tuesday   [Episode 2005 - 10/27/90
                  Written by Barry Pullman
                  Directed by Graeme Clifford]
6:42 am (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper awakes, chewing on his ear plug, and finds Audrey's note
   -- Hawk tells Truman of his finds - two old ladies at the white house.
      They never heard of a Robertson.
   -- Lucy leaves for Tacoma. She'll stay at sister Gwen and Larry's for
      two days.
   -- Cooper tells Truman he knows where Audrey is
   -- Mr Pinkle demonstrates for Bobby and Shelley the Leo-lifter apparatus
   -- Leland's hearing. Truman defends, Andy sketches. Ben chews on nuts and
      leaves. Leland's released. His grandfather, Joshua, brought them over
      75 years ago.
   -- Donna delivers lunch to Harold and makes a deal. He'll read the diary if
      she tells her story. She taunts him outside, he collapses.
   -- Leo's hearing. He's ruled incompetent to stand trial. The Judge, Cooper,
      and Truman have a drink. Cooper doesn't think Leo did it. Truman tells
      Shelley Leo's coming home.
   -- Ed brings Nadine home. She rips off the refrigerator door.
   -- Tojamura meets Ben and offers him 5 million dollars for Ghostwood
   -- At the Great Northern, Bobby is snooping around Hank
   Noon ("Expect a call tommorow. Noon." Jean to Ben)
   -- Cooper meets Ben. They get a call from Jean with instructions on where
      and when to deliver the money. Ben has Hank follow Cooper.
   -- Donna and Maddy plot to get the diary
   -- At OEJ, Jean arms himself. Nancy reports that Audrey is asleep.
   -- Andy mans the phones at the station. He calls the Doc for the results
      of his sperm test. "I'm a whole damn town!" to Truman as he's zipping
      his fly. He sees Gwen's number, calls, and gets an abortion clinic.
   -- Cooper and Truman plan. Hawk enters and reports that the OAM is staying
      at the Robin's Nest. No one's seen him for "a day, a day and a half."
      He found a mysterious drug.
   -- Maddy gets some coffee at the RR. James follows.
   -- Donna tells a story to Harold
   -- Cooper and Truman bust into OEJ. There's a roll of plastic on the stairs.
   -- Harold shows Donna some orchids
   -- Cooper runs into Nancy and gets Audrey
   -- Truman watches Jean kill Blackie. Hawk saves Cooper and Truman.
      "Good thing you guys can't keep a secret."
   -- Hank is caught outside by Jean and is identified as DA Lodwick (billfold)
   -- Maddy and Donna are caught by Harold
[Episode 2006 - 11/3/90
 Written by Harley Peyton & Robert Engles
 Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter]
   Night (con't)
   -- James rescues Donna and Maddy. Harold sprays his plants and grieves.
   -- Cooper brings Audrey to the Bookhouse.
   -- Maddy leaves Donna and James, who share a moment
   -- Truman recognizes Jean in a book of criminals and points him out to
      Cooper, who begins to feel remorse for getting Audrey messed up in his
   -- Cooper gives back the money to Ben and tells him what happened. Ben hugs
      him, then the briefcase.
08 Mar Wednesday
   -- Bobby brings Leo home. He and Shelley get their first check - it's only
      $700, it was supposed to be $5000. Leo groans.
   -- Donna tells Truman about the secret diary. Gordon Cole arrives ("sounds
      real good, Sherrif, but I already ate"), with Albert's report: vicuna
      fibers were found outside Cooper's room, the OAM's chemicals were weird
      stuff, and the scraps of paper found near the train site were diary
      pages. Hawk brings in the OAM. "There's the one-armer now."
   -- Ben sees Audrey. A: "I saw so much." "I'm aware of a lot of new things
      too, Daddy."
   1:50 pm (clock on wall)
   -- Nadine comes home
   -- Jonathan rapes Josie and gives her a one way ticket to Hong Kong. She
      says she hasn't received her insurance money nor the money from Ben.
      She's waited five years for this. The plane leaves at midnight.
   -- Maddy says goodbye to James at a dock. She leaves tomorrow.
   -- Ben meets Josie at his office. They drink to the fire. She got Pete's
      signature and wants her money. He threatens, she threatens. He gives
      her the check from Tojamura, she gives him the contract.
   -- Bobby and Shelley party around Leo. They make out in front of him, Leo
   -- Cooper meets Gordon. Albert thinks Cooper is in over his head. Gordon's
      worried over Pittsburgh. Cooper gets an unmarked letter with an opening
      chess move (P to K-4) from Windham Earl.
   -- Leland meets with Ben and proves himself, while pocketing fur off of a
      stuffed dog. Jerry's on his way to Tokyo.
   -- Truman arrives as Josie's leaving. He is introduced to Jonathan as "Mr.
      Lee," Josie's assistant. He tells her he loves her, she hesitates and
   -- Ben meets with Tojamura. Leland sings. Pete chats with Tojamura:
      Pete: The King and I! [to Tojamura] Do you like musicals?
      Tojamura: No.
      Pete: Not even Fiddler on the Roof? Made me weep like a little baby.
      Tojamura: I find adherence to fantasy troubling and unreasonable.
   -- Cooper questions Mike:
      M:  There is no need...for medicine.  I am not in pain.
      C:  Who are you?
      M:  My name is Mike.
      C:  What are you?
      M:  I inhabiting spirit.
      C:  Who is Phillip Gerard?
      M:  He is host to me.
      C:  You spoke to me in my dream...about Bob.
      M:  Mmm. familiar.
      C:  Where does Bob come from?
      M:  That...cannot be revealed.
      C:  What does Bob want?
      M:  He is Bob...eager for fun.  He wears a smile... Everybody run!
          Do you understand the parasite? It attaches itself to a life form and
          feeds.  Eh. Bob requires a human host.  He feeds on fear...and the
          pleasures.  They are his children.  I am similar to Bob.  We once
          were partners.
      M and C in unison:
          Through the darkness of future past,
          The magician longs to see.
      M:  One...chants out, between two worlds,
          Fire...walk with me.
          Oh, but then...I saw the face of God...and was purified.  I took off
          the arm...but remained... close to this vessel, inhabiting from time
          to time, for ONE, SINGLE, PURPOSE.
      C:  To find Bob [produces sketch of Bob].
      M:  TO STOP HIM!  This [points to sketch] is his true face.  But few can
          see it.  The gifted...and the damned!
      C:  Is Bob near us now?
      M:  For nearly forty years.
      C:  Where?
      M:  Ah.  A large house, made of wood, surrounded by trees.  The house is
          filled with many rooms, each alike, but occupied by different souls,
          night after night.
      C:  The Great Northern Hotel!
09 Mar Thursday [Episode 2007 - 11/10/90
                 Written by Mark Frost
                 Directed by David Lynch]
   Early morning
   -- Mike babbles, Gordon tells Harry about the diary pages. Gordon is on his
      way to Bend Oregon, "hush hush" business.
   7:24 am (clock on wall)
   -- Andy shows guests to Mike, who says "" Navy sailors bounce
      handballs. Ben enters the room and Mike faints.
   -- Hawk discovers Harold's body
   9:05 am (clock on wall)
   -- Maddy tells Leland and Sarah she's leaving tommorow. "I'll come galloping
      back often!"
   -- Cooper and Truman find the French note on Harold's body "I'm a lonely
      soul." Hawk finds the torn diary.
   -- Bobby and Shelley pay their bills and end up with $42. She wants Bobby to
      take a necklace back. Leo's truck's been impounded. Leo screams and
      spits, "new shoes." Leo had Shelley take in a pair of boots "last week."
   -- Audrey confronts Ben with what she knows. He's owned OEJ for five years.
      Laura worked there a short time, Battis recruited her without his
      knowledge. He slept with her.
   -- A tearful Shelley tells Norma she's quitting. Nadine and Ed arrive.
      Norma's been working there "20 years this April." Nadine crushes a glass.
   -- Bobby and Mike get back to Leo's with the boots and finds a tape in the
   2:47 pm (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper pieces together the diary. Audrey arrives and tells him what she
      found out about Ben.
   Night (full moon)
   -- Ben gets a fax from Jerry - he's talked with the people in Osaka and
      it's thumbs up. Hawk, Andy, Truman, and Cooper arrive to take Ben in
      for questioning.
   -- At the Palmer house, a record skips at the end, and Sarah (drugged)
      crawls down the stairs, "Leland."
   -- Ben is brought to the station. The Log Lady tells Cooper, "We don't know
      what will happen or when, but there are owls in the Roadhouse." She
      acknowledges that something is happening.
   -- Pete runs into Tojamura - it's Catherine
   -- Sarah sees a white horse and faints. Leland's at the mirror, a small
      white horse (?) on the table.
   -- At the Roadhouse, Donna meets James and they discuss Harold. The Log Lady
      arrives with Cooper and Truman. The navy sailors are there also. Donna
      lip syncs.
   -- Cooper and the Log Lady see the giant, "It is happening again."
   -- Leland at the mirror, sees Bob. Maddy smells something burning and is
      killed by Bob/Leland. A letter is put underneath her fingernail.
   -- The waiter from the Great Northern tells Cooper, "I'm so sorry." Bobby
      and Donna appear moved. Cooper's thinking hard.
-- "Are you suggesting there is something... irregular at work here?" Edwin Nomura