Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TP gif files
From: (Darrin B Jewell)
Date: 1991-01-10, 09:30

just a quick note... the TP gif files are still at umich... here's a repost of an article
i posted last dec.   I haven't had any time to make any new pictures, but well have to see
what i get into this jan...

--------------previous article reposted below--------------------
    I have been having a great time with the computer pictures of twin
peaks scenes, and have been receiving a lot of support.  I get 
approximately 15-20 pieces of e-mail a day regarding the pictures.  
Much of this is thanks for doing it, or requests for help instead.  
Here's some answers to some commonly asked  questions about the pictures.

The pictures are available from (
via anonymous ftp in the directory /pub/twin-peaks.
To get them, you have to have ftp available at your site.  It goes 
something like this:
> >ftp  (<< >Connected to
> >220 freebie FTP server (Ultrix Version 4.10 Mon Nov 7 15:52:11 EST 1988) >ready.Name (
send anonymous as your username
> >331 Guest login ok, send ident as password.
> >Password:  
send your e-mail address for a password
> >230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
> >ftp>
type cd /pub/twin-peaks
> >ftp> cd /pub/twin-peaks
> >250 CWD command successful.
> >ftp>
type ls (or dir)
this will give you a listing of that directory...
type get README to start
type binary (or tenex) to make sure they are transferred correctly...
use cd to change directory to where the files actually are
mget *.gif can be used to get more than one file
when you are done type close and then quit
type ctrl-c to abort a command...
.. if you have trouble.. find someone else who knows what they are doing...

I have also had a lot of requests to mail/post the files, because many 
of you dont have ftp access.  Unfortunately, I don't have time to do this.
Perhaps someone else on the net may volunteer????... please?...
this involved uuencodeing as well as splitting it up...

as for viewers... i really don't know.. i picked .gif becuase that seemed
to be the most common format.. it's not easy to convert them to gif...
but they are of little use to anyone unconverted.  They are in 24 bit 
color, but in a strange format resulting from Parallax video graphics 
boards.  I use various programs on athena ( a unix system with both 
ibm rt's and dec vax' well as a few others tossed in...)  including
xloadimage.. which i understand is available.. along with many others..
i use cshow (compuserve's show) for my ibm and it works pretty well...
there are viewers for macs as well..  ask around, find someone who knows
what they are talking about ( i certainly don't)...

as for specific pictures.. i have had a lot of requests... however...
i have to then find someone with a vcr that i can lug down to the 
computer room with the computers that can save pictures.  I think we'll
also start to lose even more quality then.. but i'm not sure... right
now i save them as i watch it...

I have no idea how long the files can stay at this site, so i'd advise you
to get them and save them, because they are liable to disappear.. 
I have almost no disk storage of my own and hanging on to all this
information (over 3meg compressed as far as i can get it...) has been 
quite a battle.. and i think i'm losing... 

the following are in the directory /pub/twin-peaks/11-10-90
these are from the 11-10-90 episode..
as of 11-25-90 they were all redone.. so take another

arrest.gif          commbreak.gif       horse.gif           norma.gif
audrey.gif          cooper.gif          laura.gif           shelly.gif
audrey2.gif         cruise.gif          laura_bw.gif        sherrif.gif
ben_and_audrey.gif  diary.gif           leo.gif             waterfall.gif
bob.gif             finger.gif          mikediscussion.gif
bobby.gif           giant.gif           murder.gif
cafe.gif            harold.gif          nadine.gif

the following are in the directory /pub/twin-peaks/11-17-90 
these are from the 11-17-90 episode...

BOB2.gif            maddy.gif
cooper-diane.gif    jerry.gif           normas_parents.gif
diane.gif           lynch-frost.gif

be sure to download them in binary format...
read the README file becuase i update it regularly...

Someone else also has been able to put the mac sound files up there.. but
i don't know much about them.. so maybe someone can e-mail me that info..
(i have access to a mac.. but i'd like to see some source of the remac 
program or some other way to run them on an IBM...).. 

Well... due to a lot of reasons.. 99.9% of them being completely personal..
(such as having end of term and finals coming up.. among other things...)
i am going to put this project away for the time being.  Come january, 
i'll have to see, but i might be able to do a little more work with this.

   Thanks for everyone's support, and i apologize for not answering
everyone's e-mailed questions.  Let's hope i can get back to this.

              HAVE A DAY

Darrin Jewell
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