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Subject: Walther PPK (was Re: Repost: Who shot Coop?)
From: sgolson@pyrite.East.Sun.COM (Steve Golson)
Date: 1991-01-11, 10:20
Reply-to: (Steve Golson)

In article <12090005@hpfcmgw.HP.COM> chan@hpfcmgw.HP.COM (Chan Benson) writes:
>> >> Somebody posted that Walther PPK's are illegal to import into the US.
> >
> >I seriously doubt this.

Well, yes and no. The German-made Walther PPK is illegal to import
into the US unless you are a law enforcement officer. This is because
it is small enough to fall under the so-called "Saturday Night
Special" provisions of the pertinent gun laws.

But you _can_ legally purchase a Walther PPK that was manufactured

> >A nice gun, but for all but
> >the best shot only effective at short range (short barrel, don't ya
> >know).

You'd be surprised how accurate you can be with a "short" barrel.
It just takes a little practice...

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