Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 01/12/91 - Questions & Comments
From: ADMN8647@Ryerson.CA (Linda Birmingham)
Date: 1991-01-14, 10:18

1.  Dead Dog Farm:  Has anyone heard of a previous reference to
                    Dead Dog Farm, either on the show or somewhere

    With the surreal way it was introduced, I have a feeling it
    will probably be significant later in the show.  (Then again,
    maybe not - could have only been the Gods showing Cooper how
    to get out of his cocaine mess.  Only Cooper would want to buy a
    farm named Dead Dog).

2.  Wasn't Major Briggs decked out in fishing gear when he disappeared
    into the white light?  Did he end up in an intergalatic menswear

    The outdated flight gear he was wearing on his return seems to be
    pointing more and more to visitors from space
    (reminded me of Close Encounters when the missing airmen returned).
    Yet the man from the airforce told Cooper and Truman that the owl
    messages originated from Twin Peaks not space (although he was
    vague on where they were being sent to).

    I too, am glad the Major has returned.  The last scene with he and
    his wife was quite touching (him stroking her hair and all) and the
    way he said that things were not alright certainly leads one to
    believe that Twin Peaks is heading for some serious trouble.

3.  Where is Jerry Horne?

    Ben certainly appears to have lost it, although he seems to be
    regaining some of his deviousness with the enlistment of Bobby.
    But where is Jerry?  Ben could use his brother's help right
    now more than anyone elses (and I could use a dose of Jerry's

    Speaking of Bobby, what a coincidence that Ben set Bobby after
    Hank on the very day Hank was meeting with the Cooper Conspirators.

4.  Is the new Mrs. Milford a witch?

    Personally, I hope this whole subplot was for comic relief.  The
    same goes for Little Nicky being the devil.

5.  Is Hank going to kill Ed?

    He didn't seem too happy about Ed and Norma and was twirling his
    dice which has always been an ominous sign.

Other comments:

James and Mrs. Marsh give new meaning to the word wooden, but I think
the brother/chauffeur has the potential of being a very interesting
character - "Am I being obscure?".

Donna seems to be as tired of Nadine/Mike as I am.

Denise is by far and away my favourite character.

It wasn't the best, but after three weeks it was nice just to hear the
theme music.

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