Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Gripes and howdies
From: osmigo@ut-emx.uucp (Ron Morgan)
Date: 1991-01-14, 15:21

My gosh, I just recently discovered the existence of this newsgroup. I need
to check my .newsrc file...(-8

First, I want to say that I think Twin Peaks is the best show on the air.
It's been said that Twin Peaks is developing an intensely devoted following,
especially among more intelligent, educated people, a following comparable
in intensity to that of the "trekkies" and their devotion to Star Trek. I
wonder, thinking of "trekkies," what's a good handle for Twin Peaks fans?
"Peakies"? "Twinkies"?

I'd also like to know if there's any source of TP paraphenalia. No, I'm not
planning to walk around in an "I Killed Laura Palmer" t-shirt, but I'd sure
like to have one of those coffee mugs.

Pet beefs:

James. Get rid of this guy. He's dead weight on the show. Seems like every
time they have a few minutes to kill, they show James sitting somewhere
staring at the floor and looking confused.

Nadine. In my opinion, they're going *way* too far with the "voluntary 
suspension of belief" thing. It's preposterous that a late-middle-aged
woman who is clearly *psychotic* would be permitted anywhere *near* a public
school, much less enrolled as a (gag) student. When this spindly bag of bones
tossed that wrestler around like a rag doll, that was just too much. Nadine
was a terrific character back when she was driving Ed nuts with her "silent
runners" obsession, but now she's a pain in the ass. Like, boring. The
producers are really pushing their luck with this one. If they go much further,
they might as well bring in little green men from mars.

Candidates for Bob's next vehicle:

Nicky? Naw, I think he's just bait for the viewers. They're not going to make
it easy for us.

Nadine? Hmmmm. Flaky, like Leland was. Not able to resist evil. Great physical
strength (ugh, ugh). She's not around many of the other characters much,

James? I don't think so. For all his Brando-ish roadie aura, I don't think Bob
could penetrate his psyche.

Andy? I'm serious. And how about Ben?

I used to think it might be the Major, but I've changed my mind. That was
probably "viewer bait," too, although we did see the owl in the forest that


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