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Subject: Re: ^TP^ Hotline Info and other such stuff
From: (Lex Mierop)
Date: 1991-01-14, 13:31

In article <> (Jeffrey Koga) writes:
> >
> >Last month, Kyle MacLaughlin and Lara Flynn Boyle
> >were scheduled to be in A.R. Gurney's play "Love
> >Letters", which is currently playing in Beverly
> >Hills (I had tickets!!!)  But they had to cancel at
> >the last minute because Lara was offered a movie
> >deal.  Comments: I was so depressed (I called ahead
> >of time to see if they were still playing) that I
> >didn't even see their replacements, Scott Valentine
> >and Melissa Gilbert, even though I had tickets.  Oh
> >well, I hope Lara's movie deal goes through.

You poor sot, you missed it!  I too had tickets to the above show. (My wife, 
bless her heart, picked them up as a surprise Christmas gift)  We didn't call
ahead and arrived with about 20 seconds to showtime.  They ushered us in and 
aid their had been a change and Scott Valentine and Melissa Gilbert were 
performing that night.  At this point MAJOR DISAPOINTMENT set in.  Great, 
"Nick" & "Larua Ingalls".  Well because we were so late the usher said to take
ANY avalible seat. (apparently many ticketholders didn't show)  We got seats
in the third row, sat down and the show started.  We were absolutely stuned.
These two put on the most impressive show, far greater than could be expected 
of a "Nick" and a "Larua Ingalls".  They have become superior actors since
their early days, and we left with the feeling that we had witnessed a major

It wasn't Kyle & Lara, but hey it was still a great show.

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