Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Evelyn
From: halcyon! (Demosthenes)
Date: 1991-01-14, 17:56
Newsgroups: (Ann Hodgins) writes:

> > We enjoyed a lively Twin Peaks party last night watching the first
> > episode in weeks, and one of the participants pointed out that the
> > fight between Evelyn and her husband in the big house should not have
> > been audible to James, especially during such a loud storm.
> >  
> > At first I thought that was nit picking and felt that the writers had
> > just taken a bit of 'artistic license' with the situation. But then 
> > we all began to wonder and eventually we agreed that probably
> > James was listening to a tape recording of a phoney fight and that James
> > is indeed being set up.
> >  
> > a.h.

I think differently - I mean, when you live in a house where arguments 
are constant and VERY loud (like mine :>), it seems perfectly naturla to 
be able to hear such an altercation from 40 feet away... 

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