Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Hank
From: (Jack Vinson)
Date: 1991-01-15, 07:07

In article <> (Brett J. Vickers) writes:
> >
> >You might have noticed that Hank's domino-total was down to 7.  Of course
> >you know that in the first season, the domino dots totalled 6.  Then
> >when we saw him at dinner with Norma's parents, the total was up to 8.
> >
> >This indicates that Hank has probably subtracted for Catherine.  I think
> >he's counting Leo as his seventh kill, even though Leo isn't dead.  He's
> >been out of commission.
> >
> >Hank's gonna have to subtract another kill when he finds out about
> >Andrew. :-)

So who else has Hank killed.  It might be fun to find out about more of
his nebulous past...
	Andrew Packard
	Leo Johnson
	more more more

"All you need in life are Guts, Distance and Symmetry"  -  Benjamin Horne
Jack Vinson