Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: One-Legged Panties
From: (elizabeth e. leclair)
Date: 1991-01-15, 17:22

In article Daniel Pedersen - Keren's Daddy writes:
> >
> >I'm in about as much dark as Coop is about the meaning of "putting panties on
> >one leg at a time."  Can anyone enlighten this poor soul who usually doesn't
> >wear panties?  
> >
> >--->Daniel Pedersen

    An obvious post, perhaps, but "putting on panties one leg at a time" is
Denise's derivative of "putting on pants one leg at a time," which is a
phrase which (in my recent hearing) implies a sort of Joe Average, ordinary
guy; it might be used to demystify a male authority, as in "Even the Surgeon
General puts on his pants one leg at a time."  I thought this was the best
line of the show, even though taken literally both comments are rather vapid.
I mean, unless you are sitting on the bed and put in both feet at once, 
one leg at a time seems like the only way to put your pant(ies) on anyway!

   TP-freak kudos to the producers for making Denise so wry and sensible.

--Elizabeth LeClair