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Subject: Re: TP: SPOILERS: 12 Jan 91 Episode...
From: hannan@sco.COM (Hanna Nelson)
Date: 1991-01-16, 14:23
Reply-to: hannan@subsco.UUCP (Hanna Nelson)

In article <3906@eastapps.East.Sun.COM>, bdowning@otc.UUCP () oozed:

==> 6. Question: What was the fabric badge that Coop was holding? Looked like
==> a fir tree with a sword in the background...

bookhouse boys.  harry gave it to him before the holidays.

==> 7. Nuther question: Was the domino that, I assume Hank, was holding from
==> One-Eyed Jacks? What was the significance of bothering to show it?

the domino has always been associated with hank (he sucks it...)
they haven't made it clear where it comes from or what its
significance is.

-- ``Let a smile be your umbrella.'' - Gordon Cole (aka David Lynch) to Agent Cooper, FBI