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Subject: Who bopped Jacoby on the head?
From: phillips@tegra.COM (Steve Phillips)
Date: 1991-01-16, 17:13
Reply-to: phillips@harlie.UUCP (Steve Phillips)

In article <> (Cisco's Buddy) writes:
> >In article <1931@harlie.tegra.COM>, phillips@tegra.COM (Steve Phillips) writes...
>> >> [ ... theory that Jacoby smelled burnt oil both at the
>> >>       gazebo and at the hospital ... ]
> >Because, when Cooper asked him about the smell under hypnosis, Jacoby
> >*explicitly* said, "No, that was the gazebo."  This suggests
> >strongly that Jacoby did *not* smell the "scorched engine oil" odor in the
> >hospital.

I hope I'm not nitpicking too badly, but I don't think Jacoby said anything
nearly that definite.  I've learned not to trust my memory too strongly, so
I'll fire up the tape when I get home tonight and get the exact wording.

>> >> After all, it was Leland/BOB who committed both crimes [Jacoby and Jacques]
> >
> >Do you have evidence that we don't?

Well, the evidence is pretty strong that Leland/BOB attacked Jacoby,
and we already know that Leland killed Jacques.  Here are a few pieces
of evidence:

1.  Jacoby smelled burnt oil at the gazebo!  Unless there is someone
    else who gives off a burnt oil smell, this would seem to point
    pretty strongly at Leland/BOB.

2.  When Maddy leaves the house to make the phone call to Jacoby, there
    is a long close-up of Leland sitting on the sofa watching her leave,
    with a sinister expression on his face.  This establishes opportunity-
    Leland knew Maddy was up to something and could have followed her
    to the gazebo.

3.  The man who attacked Jacoby was wearing a long dark coat, black gloves,
    and a ski mask.  When we seee Leland later that night at the police
    station and when he kills Jacques, Leland is wearing a long dark
    coat and black gloves.

When I think about it, you could be right that it was Leland (not BOB)
who killed Jacques Renault - Leland really didn't look like he was
enjoying it.  That would be a nice touch - Leland kills Jacques
to avenge his daughter, not knowing that he himself committed
the crime.

I'll mention one other little clue which never really got resolved.
In episode 2, when Bobby and Mike meet Leo in the woods (the
football/drug scene), Bobby sees a man behind a tree and says,
"Who's that?"  The man behind the tree is definitely wearing a
long coat, gloves, and a ski mask - we spent a long time
freeze-framing that scene.  It's not the one-armed man because the
man behind the tree has a left arm.  My theory is that this was
also Leland, although no other link between him and Leo has yet
been established.

- Steve

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