Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 2/2 episode (great!)
Date: 1991-02-03, 12:13

all in all, the 2/2 episode (imho, of course) was a refreshing return to what
i consider the 'old' cooper. a pleasure to watch.

so, did everyone notice:

	* whenever a reference was made to the white lodge, the following
	  shot was of the great northern *and* the waterfall? that's got
	  to be the 'secret entrance' to the underground.

	* russ tamblyn returns! (of course you noticed *that*) wasn't he
	  married in season 1? now, of course, he's been effected by the
	  world's sexiest woman (WSW - what is her name?)

	* and, finally: the next episode's trailer? i heard albert!

oh, i can't wait. :-)