Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 2/2 episode
From: (Juan F Lara)
Date: 1991-02-03, 00:27

SPOILER WARNING FOR 2/2/91 ( 2014 )

( A crying shame to make the 1/26 episode ( 2013.5 ) just one of Andy's bad
  dreams brought on by a bad doughnut.  At least it revealed much about his
  attitude to Dick. :-)

But here are some random thoughts about some story lines.

1. Windom Earle ( I prefer Wyndham )
        Casting Kyle's brother Craig as the murdered vagrant added a neat in-
   side joke and gave a nice eerie feel to the scene.  The writers were ghoul-
   ishly imaginative in designing the corpse's condition.
        And did anyone see in the closing credits whether Carole Lynley was 
   listed as playing Caroline Earle.  Perhaps she's the Diane ( pet name? )
   Cooper keeps talking to.  After all, we did see just "parts of her."
        And I'm glad to finally see Kenneth Walsh in the WE role ( at least 
   not in disguise ).  He certainly has the right look for the character 
   ( Check out his hair. ).  One thing though:  Cooper's really hyped him in
   his recount of WE's life.  So Walsh BETTER live up to this big hype, else
   he just might ruin the show by disappointing us.  Still, this is the best 
   candidate we have for a central focus right now ( and a neat way to keep
   Cooper around ).

2. Leo Johnson
        Leo's awakening was a chilling scene, but somehow I found it uninvolv-
   ing.  Perhaps if it had better direction it would've worked better.
        With that owl buzzing Leo, I wondered whether BOB was psychically con-
   trolling Leo.  More likely though, he's just peeking into the Johnson house
   to enjoy the spectator sport.
        So Leo's run into Windom.  I bet he's in more danger now than Shelly
   was at the beginning.  That's a nice irony.

3. The White Lodge
        Too little seen today, though Major Briggs becomes more intriguing by
   the minute.  Scott Frost's rather awkward lines work best with Briggs 

4. Packard-Eckhart
        I've never been able to understand this mess, and so I'm giving up 
   following this line.  Still the scene with Catherine and Andrew certainly
   strengthened previous assertions of possible incest between the two.  Brr.
        And I'm glad to see David Warner in as Thomas Eckhart.  I remember his
   good performances in films such as "TRON" and "The Omen."   And remembering
   that, perhaps they could have little Nicky save the day by beheading Eck-
   hart in the end, perhaps by smashing him through a windshield. :-)

5. James and the Marshes
        Who cares?!!  James was REALLY unlikeable in this episode, acting like
   a self-righteous jerk without the common sense to get out when the get-
   ting's good.  The problem now is more than James Marshall.  I think James
   Hurley has to go altogether, and I'm sure there are others who agree.

6. General Ben Horne
        I really liked the beginning of this line in 2011.  But it's really 
   lost its appeal to me and now just seems pathetic.  The only thing I came
   away with from this story was a resolve to NEVER have a shrink like Dr. 
        Oh, yeah.  Another thing occured to me upon hearing Beymer and Tamblyn
   singing:  It HAS been a long time since "West Side Story." :-)

7. Mrs. Milford ( What IS her name?! )
        This story really gives me the creeps.  Mrs. Milford isn't so much a 
   character as somebody's fantasy come to life.  That's fine, but I think the
   show wastes its time when it dwells on superficial characters.  Still the
   scene where they took time off for a commercial while they waited for Mrs.
   Milford to work her magic on Dwayne was a neat gimmick.  Excedrin, anybody?

8. Little Nicky
        Andy's as hilarious as ever!  His trouble with the rubber glove was a
   classic.  I also loved the scene where Dick and Andy wind up crying after
   hearing Nicky's sad story.  Warren Frost gave a bravua performance here in
   reciting the story ( which had some intriguing aspects that might connect 
   him to BOB ).  Though personally I wonder, could Dr. Hayward have been WE
   in disguise?

     Overall a good episode though nothing really outstanding.  I think these
many storylines though should keep it running along smoothly for the rest of

     Well, see you in a week, maybe sooner. 

To everyone -

Juan F. Lara

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