Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 2/2 episode
From: (Ann Hodgins)
Date: 1991-02-03, 12:19

There was something really *stupid* about this week's episode.
There were times when I felt that it was all a bad dream.
The only good thing about it was that they killed off some
unpromising sub plots like the "Nicky is the Devil" storyline.
After defending Lynch for months against charges of
sexism, I found myself actually so grossed out by the portrayal of
women in this episode that I acually actually changed channels
(knowing that the episode would be shown again 2 hours later on
another station, mind you) because I suddenly just didn't think it
was all worth it.
First off, there was the way Shelley reacted to Leo's attack. Why
couldn't she get out the door?  Was the lock mechanism supposed to  
be too mentally challenging for her? Do you *believe* that!
And the postures she adopted as Leo stood over her with the axe...
For God's sake, why was she splayed out like that exposing her guts
to whatever Leo chose to do to her?!   Why wasn't she crouched to spring
aside, hands protecting her head and body?  Even though Shelley is not 
supposed to be super-bright, she does have instincts surely. 
And later on, we are treated to the image of Lucy checking her lipstick
after watching the major fall at her feet. This is totally unreal!  No one
on the face of the earth could be that cold and self-centred, and 
certainly not Lucy.  Sure, her pregnancy is making her a bit self-absorbed 
and sometimes she seems unsympathetic, but don't ask me to
accept that she would not be concerned if an aging men fell unconscious
before her eyes!  
Twin Peaks is always surreal but this episode was like
a bad dream. And with the parade of vamps, mysogynist too.
Hope things improve.
ann h.