Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 2/2 episode
From: (Ann Hodgins)
Date: 1991-02-03, 12:33

There were some redeeming things about the Feb 2 episode.
I liked the end of Leo's attack - the strips of plastic
in the wind like ghostly streamers decorating a weird festivity.
I thought the fire in Eckhart's dark glasses was
funny and camp.
I like the fact that I'm left wondering if Evelyn's declaration 
of love to James was sincere or just part of her plan to entrap him.
I like the Windom Earle subplot.
Why did the vagrant look so much like Cooper?  Did Cooper know
*too much*  about the crime? What is the symbolism of the body being
corked with the pawn and the hands bound?
It took me a while (on my little black and white tv) to see what WE
was doing with the those pipe-things. I think his pipe music was the
incidental music as Leo was approaching his house (the black lodge)
and that WE drew Leo with his piping.