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Subject: James Hurley (was Re: 2/2 episode)
From: (Brett J. Vickers)
Date: 1991-02-03, 13:14
Reply-to: (Brett J. Vickers) (Juan F Lara) writes:

> >5. James and the Marshes
> >        Who cares?!!  James was REALLY unlikeable in this episode, acting like
> >   a self-righteous jerk without the common sense to get out when the get-
> >   ting's good.  The problem now is more than James Marshall.  I think James
> >   Hurley has to go altogether, and I'm sure there are others who agree.


According to "Seventeen Magazine" (no, I don't read the trash, but my
sister does), James Marshall aka James Hurley is going to be leaving the
show soon to pursue a movie career.  I can only assume this means they're
going to kill him off somehow.  Also, in the "next time on twin peaks"
segment at the end of the 2/2 show, you can hear Donna saying, "Evelyn,
don't let him die!" or something very similar.  I assume she is referring
to James.

So, all you people who can't stand James (me included) will get your wish
soon.  I just hope they make his death interestingly gruesome. :)

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